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What’s your favorite?


Used to keep it on my desk as a reminder not to micromanage...

Favorite board game?
Does chess count as a board game? If not then probably Sorry, which I found out from that book is a variation of an older game called Ludo (which is a variant of an Indian game called Pachisi! 🤓)

Favorite dice game?
yahtzee, especially if there are at least 2 generations of my family involved. Kids just love to beat the adults all on their own, learning strategies and odds without even realizing it!

favorite game you have played all your life, you cant remember not knowing how to play?
Chutes and ladders 😅

@enough have you ever played phase 10? It’s like Yahtzee but you have to get combos in order. I haven’t played it very often but I like it.

Favorite game that probably very few have heard of?
okay, angry music. Not usually my go to when angry. Best music that I should listen to when angry? Select Grateful Dead. Workingmans album.

Favorite Music first day, road trip, driving as far as we can today and tonight?
Grateful Dead sounds good! Bonnie Raitt. Crosby Stills Nash and Young. Paul Simon. Add in some Garfunkel. Gram Parsons.
All that land flying by, hand out the window surfing on the wind, snacks packed with care.

Favorite thing to do on road trips?
Well, our country's not really big enough for a mutliday road trip. Well, maybe it is, just.

But I like driving in the morning best, mid morning. Hate driving at night, my night vision is crap, and oncoming headlights are very painfully blinding.

Favourite cheap meal?
Favourite cheap meal?
Shellfish (oysters/clams/mussels/crab/crayfish/whatever is local, IE free)

…over the fire & crusty bread

One of my favorite ‘winter’ camping trips is to drive up to the islands, fetch up a couple pail’s of oysters from the beach, steam open in some white wine over the fire, or just ring the coals with shells, & imagine I can see the northern lights. (Too far south, usually). Upside? That usually means there’s cress in the streams.


I adore sleeping in a steel box in the middle of nowhere.


Favorite kind of camping?