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What’s your favorite?


((Trying to find tylenol/acetaminophen with a blinding headache? It’s helpful to know it’s spelled paracetamol in the UK. I think I went into 6 different chemists before someone took pity on me. Granted, by that time, I was listing out opiates.))

Favourite meat creature?
Arse! (I really wanted to answer that one!)

My favorite meat creature is bison.

Favorite word that’s pronounced differently in the UK or Ireland or Australia or South Africa(Wait; are they all pronounced differently?)
gotta say my 0-1 mitutoyo micrometer. Bought it in 87 and scrawled my name and the date on it. The drawer it sits in has worn felt under it and the handle is dark where i have pulled it open a million times. Still calibrates, still dead on.

whats your favorite thing you have had so long you dont remember not having it?
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my sheep painting on my wall. It's a cute little thing, that kind of thing that is rustic but that silly and cute so you would put it in a child room. I litteraly don't remember a time I didn't have it, even in my few childhood memories. It's not that favorite but it's one of the very rare thing I still care about from this long ago. I put it in my new home (2 years old appartment) just above my bed because it's singing happy memory from childhood even if I don't have any real memory about it nowdays. It's a taste that somewhere in my childhood I enjoyed being alive. Which is definitively not the case from so long ago I can't remember because depression steals your happiest memories when it's there for too much time.

What'y your favorite time of the day ?
That which is uniquely Canadian, the Looney. (Canadian $1 coin featuring a loon on one side)
Maple Leafs are what I ALWAYS carry, internationally. Three nines fine… legal everywhere. Respected everywhere. Absolute best rate of exchange.

What'y your favorite time of the day ?

I’m either going to bed, bliss, or just starting the day, bliss. Either way? Best.

What’s your favourite sauce?