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What’s your favorite?

Cavapoo / labradoodle types,there's something about fluffy dogs that does something to me, they're so cute it hurts!

Love staffies too, fantastic personalities

Favourite lounging outfit?
boring old Labrador retrievers. big fat old lazy dudes with a quick grin and capable of side eye if necessary. Too old for guilty dog posture, more like “what the hell, you didnt think i was going to grab a slice off the coffee table? Be real, I’m a dog”

tell me why reptiles make good pets or why reptiles arent for you
Did it again!
favorite lounge outfit: Hugh Hefner smoking hacket! On me? anything but! Serious lounging is done in a recliner, t shirt and underwear, god dammit, someones at the door!

reptiles make good pets!
no reptiles in my house, thanks!
My favorite lizards?!? 🦎 Spider Hunting Mozzie Eating

One of the very first things I DO, even before schlepping boxes in, or setting up the Alter to the Goddess Caffeina, is hire house lizards to take care o’business! Come to me, my tiny dinosaurs, and let’s make this house a home! Love, love, love lizards. Spider hunting, mosquito eating, wall running badasses.


Your favorite source of omega 3s?
Clotted cream
Fudge?! New goal!

My favorite bread is the “community loaf” made by a local bakery with locally grown heirloom wheat. It has a depth of flavor that I hadn’t yet experienced before!

Favorite psychiatrist/psychologist/psychotherapist (from history or personally)?