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What’s your favorite?


Favorite place to be barefoot?
Favourite thing about my job is the feeling when everything clicks in a place and starts to work as intended. I'm a programmer :-)

Probably asked million times here but what's your favourite book?
Probably asked million times here but what's your favourite book?
Impossible for me to answer, so you can ask a million times and it will be a different answer! Right now I think… “Bleak House” by Charles Dickens.

What’s *your* favorite book??
catch 22. had a copy under the seat of every vehicle i have owned. Cant remember the last time i read it in order, but i can open it to any page and read and something will draw me in until…soccer practice is over! Theres my craigslist seller! Hey, she made it, lets eat!

Favorite dish that is primarily rice?
@OlBrown that’s awesome that you like those nail polish’s! Do you have a question about favorites to ask to the group? The pattern in this thread is to answer the previous question then ask one of your own.

Favorite socks?
I love St Patrick’s Day socks and try to get them on sale after the holiday. I wear them year round. These are the ones I just bought on my last trip to Target

Favorite mug?