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What am I not seeing?

There is a pew research article on misinformation. I will post a part of it that has been helpful to me for what it is worth. When there is value in misinformation it will rule. Big political players have just learned how to play this game I don't think they will put much effort into eliminating it. Powerful corporate and government leaders most able to improve the information environment profit most when it is in turmoil
What I wrote above is from pew research center 10/19/2017 titled the future of truth and misinformation. To do this plus my cpt app is reducing my fear and belief in shtf
Husband today reads something to me from 2 news sources about Russia destabilizing Europe and the Biden administration should make it public. Here was my reaction. No tears yelling etc no sensation by me that my nervous system was entering fight flight fear fawn. I did say is this verifiable and reputable sources then added I would take it with a huge grain of salt as control through fear is a tactic being used. He said I was telling him what to do how to react. I was just explaining my process and that I was working on not reacting or over reacting to anything. I was doing well depression wise my mood was very good positive. My bankruptcy has been officially discharged. I got my new glasses yesterday. I have new goals. I still feel good but immediately he created some distance between us on my part. He did say I wish I would have never Saud it.
Does military service use fear as part of the training? I am trying to increase my knowledge to help me . I cannot help or change anyone else. Also in NM today in our area dust is very high. I need to do some cleaning vacuuming. I have had a bad past history of allergies had treatment but environmental mitigation is vital. Plus husband had a cold. Why in the world did he do this again? I was listening to a podcast on new info about covid and the vaccine side effects? Am I part of this problem for doing this? I like to keep as current as I can on medical psychiatric etc issues from peer reviewed journals and podcasts. The info is reproducible. It helps me improve my health and work with my providers on prescribed treatment plans. This is life affirming.
what do you think would help the most?
Him I have no solution. He brought up the mass shooting in KCMO at the chiefs parade. This is my former home town. I had some insight about it- around Xmas there was a mass shooting at crown center. The people with retail establishments asked management at crown center for help. No response. There are some activities that need to end. The pandemic increasing poverty hate etc has increased and there was a parade for millionaire football players who won the super bowl? This time I got disturbed cried yelled. He feels he has to talk about stuff. I asked him again about one of my seizure precips- extreme emotional distress- does he not.H understand? He got upset too and blamed me. He says he does not talk about this. Yes he does. Things are better but I am in therapy and setting firm limits over and over. Before this argument I asked him to state 3 positive things today. He did. I came up with four or five. He cannot be helped. I did say dont assume people want to discuss all this negativity. He does assume it. I am going to have a quiet evening finish the rv cleaning etc for dust allergies and read a book. Thank you.
Here are real issues in my husband's life besides me. His father had a CVA has some neurological symptoms. The law in the state his father and mother live in specifically states no driving until these symptoms resolve and a doctor clears it. His mother has Parkinson. So. Yes .His father is driving. His ex - wife ( first wife) and his adult daughters mother is addicted to alcohol one night stands and vaping. Her son( my husband is not the father) is 23 and dysfunctional. Isolates is basically non communicative. His ex wife is running out of money and if not employed soon will most likely be homeless. Nearly everyday now when he speaks with his daughter she has had a negative interaction with her mother. He refuses therapy including couples therapy. If these issues ( not counting us) are not weighing on him I would be surprised. He denies they are but when the handwriting is on the wall how can you not see it and not be disturbed by it. As I learned from my first husband( whom I tried to " save" ) if someone does not want help there is nothing to be done. Except- for yourself. I am just bewildered he keeps doing this. It is beginning to seem self destructive. Our rv needs some repair due to the winter here. He does that. Our payday is less than 2 weeks away so that can begin. It is not serious. The rv is in good shape very livable nice. He just denies these issues are bothering him but fills his mind with things that we cannot control.
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