What Are You Grateful For Today?


The help of my dear friend again today, unexpectedly.
The stopping of these horrible unnerving intrusive images of dead people's faces, all bloated and bluish-white, that started all of a sudden in the morning and totally took me off guard but ended at 1:30-ish. Crazy! And though an historically crappy/ sad date today and tomorrow, I think it came more from someone I know who just died. I do know, they say not to try to 'not' think of it, but I think it's only sane or reasonable to want to push that away! Am determined to keep re-alligning my mind for Christmas.
So I still say, a long but lovely day, which I didn't expect.
AND found a tiny present, wrap (unintentionally), and sister picked up 2 important things for me today.
Oh!!!! And a pointsettia present! Deep red, my favorite too! 😊😍💓
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The immense, all-hands-on-deck response to my struggles. Particular karmic shoutout to my friend C, who is a 56 year old stoic man who I've never shared my inner world with, who really stepped up and showed how wonderful friendships between men can be. Hat tip to you, C, and to my dear friends and close peeps.


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Am happy for you @ziter , if that helps(?)

i am grateful supposedly present snafu fixed up and on the way. I am very grateful I have had a few helpful surprises. I am grateful for a cute compliment, was told " (Ridiculous!) , you are the most feminine-looking, sweetest face in the room!" (In response to a woman cop who was looking at me like a perp in the crowd, lol. 🙄🤣 ) But nonetheless, totally unexpected cute thing to hear.