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What are you having for dinner? (wanna share your recipe?)

Did a pasta e Fagiole soup for the second half of my stay, for the life of me cannot find the particular recipe on line, but lots out there. Used hot Italian sausages casings removed for the meat. Lotsa beans, a jarred marinara courtesy of one of my favourite unsung Canadian chefs, Stefano Faita, among other good things. Been eating that twice daily, last day of it today. Hearty, filling. I add a handful of bagged cole slaw mix to the bowl or pot when reheating so the cabbage doesn’t go stinky or mushy. A bit of extra nutrition.
So I made this,

had it with some manfredine, was supposed to start making it about 6 so as to have it for dinner. Yeah I ate at midnight 😸
Very nice, lentils were harder than I'd expect. 40 minutes to cook green lentils? Think maybe I didn't have the foil as tight as it says, though I didn't have any foil big enough.

Recipe leaves me feeling very well hugged 🙂
ETH-perimentin Chicken Nuggets.

- 1/2 & 1/2 ground chicken & minced chicken thighs
- 1: 1: 1 Birchbenders vegan pancake batter, tempura batter, & Maseca fine Masa

I’m debating about adding a little potato starch (or cornstarch) to the meat mix to juicy it up? In Asia, it’s called “velveting” the meat, to add cornstarch & water, but I know Mickey D’s -and most us food suppliers of meat creature creations- use potato starch. So? I’m debating. I have mountains of cornstarch, but velvet is not the texture I’m looking for. It will probably mostly depend on if I feel like shredding and soaking a potato. Which I doubt I will be, if I can get away with not.

ETA… Decided to keep things “pure” to begin with, I can play around with starch and stuff another time.

So! Experiment 1, has begun.

Mix. Shape. Dip. Freeze. Deep fry in sunflower oil. 🌻 Salt.
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Chicken Burritos 🌯

Flour Tortillas
Pinto Beans
Grilled Chicken
Pico de Gallo

Heat up the tortilla so it’s flexible and …Roll it all up.

Easy as.

((I usually add grilled veggies to these, but I’m not, today. Just because I don’t wanna.))
Making fire cider from a recipe that @TornadicThoughts posted on here a couple years ago. I made it wrong (of course!) but we’ll see what happens!