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What are you having for dinner? (wanna share your recipe?)

Thomas Keller (French Laundry, Bouchon) Roast Chicken

2 ways :

(this first link -below- is word for word his recipe from his Bouchon cook book, so I doubt it will stay online, long, but? It can also be found in the ‘read a free sample’ on Kindle (yay!) if the link is broken by the time of reading)

Simple & straight forward

& A lemon/honey/garlic/peppercorn/bay brined version (with veggies)


I’m going to do both, since I need 2 chooks to feed everyone anyway, & see which I like better!

I’ve NEVER been happy with the way I oven roast chickens, so here’s fingers crossed! (Or back to the BBQ for me :/ )
I haven’t roasted a whole chicken in eons, but I always cook my leg quarters or thighs at 425. I don’t rinse chicken, only pat it dry. And if I have the time/inclination (thawed chicken but last minute change of mind for dinner) i let it air dry in the fridge for a night. I had to laugh at him eating chicken butts and wing parts before serving. Cooks’ privileges are the best!
Crispy Chicken Salad/Sandwich (deep fryer required)

(I use a fry daddy / fry grandpappy, at home, because nothing but nothing is easier to clean. It’s a seamless bucket. You can steam things in it, wih water instead of oil. And because you just pour the oil out & wash? Nothing to go rancid. Or get sticky. Or gross. Whether you save the oil for later, or recycle. Best piece of equipment for deep frying at home, out there. And it’s less than $50. That’s, like, 3 sandwiches and you’ve made your money back. Done.)

This is one of the simplest things I know how to make. It’s literally just boneless skinless chicken thighs dredged in Panko, allowed to sit for 30min-48hrs (so the Panko GLUES itself to the chicken), and then deep fried/salted. Either slice up for a salad, or throw on a bun for a sandwich. For spicy/crispy, instead of just crispy? Toss in hot sauce & butter (IE buffalo sauce) after frying.

Bacon, hard boiled egg, avocado, & Bleu cheese? Makes a baaaadass buffalo chicken salad. Chipotle Mayo, pickles, lettuce, tomato? A sandwich you can sell, anywhere, for upwards of $10-15. Also delicious with any kind of mustard (yellow, stone ground, honey, Cuban, whatever); or ham&swiss; or pickles & butter; or, or, or.

It’s crispy chicken. Simple or fancy, it’s just good.

* ProTrick = Any dark meat cooked hot/fast LOOKS like white meat chicken. Tandoori, chicken burgers, chicken strips, etc. 99:100 -in restaurants- it’s not white meat. That’s too dry to sell. It’s dark meat. Cooked hot and fast, so it looks like white meat, but is still juicy and delicious. The BIG meat on chicken sandwiches? Are “just” butterflied thighs. PITA to do raw, but easy easy when done half frozen. Just cut off the thin bit, and save for something else, then cut the big piece of the thigh in half, almost but not quite all the way through, longwise, and fold open like a book. Then dredge in Panko, let rest until Panko is damp, and drop in 350degree oil for around 3 minutes (until it floats). Voila. Done. Never pay $15 for this, ever, please.
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Harissa crumbed cod, puy lentils n Red pepper

Ready cooked puy lentils in a small roasting dish with olive oil, lemon zest, red peppers, sun dried tomatoes and some of their oil, a little garlic, green olives chopped. Mix it all up

Lay the fish fillets on top.

Blitz wholemeal bread for breadcrumbs, mix with rose harissa and a little olive oil. Top the fish and oven for 25 at 200c

Love the flavours

Makes me think how a lot of these healthy meals involve various colours of gravel 🤭
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I have made this gizzard recipe twice and it delivers. I prefer it to the wine and onions (bourguignon-y) version. Taken from a YouTube video called “Everyone who ate it thought it was lamb…”. Can’t remember if I shared it before. It’s pretty much like Teasel’s piperade but with gizzards and hearts.

Where I live the gizzards are sold in a package mixed with hearts, each package is about 1.5 lbs. No need to take out the hearts. Plus they have more iron, which is part of the reason I like this dish.

Put the gizzards and hearts in a bowl and just cover with water. Add 2T of vinegar. Soak for at least 30 minutes.
Drain and cut into small pieces. Put in a large pot or deep pan and cover with 600 mL of water. Add 2T vinegar. Put lid on slightly ajar. Cook on a fast boil until water is almost gone. Add 2T of butter and 2T of oil. Sauté to give meat a little brown and shine. Add 2 chopped onions. Cook until onions are soft, about 5-10 min. Add 2 chopped green peppers. Cook until soft, about 5-10 min. Add about 2 cups of chopped tomato. Cook a couple minutes. Add salt and pepper, cumin, red pepper flakes, and smoky paprika. Any other spices you like add them.

Ready to serve. Tastes even better the next day. Great with rice, tortillas, eggs, or bread. Meat is soft but has some spring to it.
Homemade raspberry curd

- purée & sieve 400g raspberries
- 4tbsp cornflour, 300g sugar, lemon zest into pan
- add purée, lemon juice and a dash of water to pan
- heat and whisk until bubbling should be super smooth and thick
- take off heat, whisk in 170g cubed butter
- whisk in 6 egg yolks
- whisk in 1 whole egg (make sure not too hot or it’ll cook it)
- put back on heat and whisk for 5 mins or until the right consistency

Delicious with meringues, as a sweet spread on toast, dipping biscuits, bake it into a tart, it’s just all round *yum*