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What are you having for dinner? (wanna share your recipe?)

Sounds amazing 🥰

Nb Wuss - ta - sheer
Emphasis on the Wuss
Yes I know you're prolly joking but 🙃
LMAO… There’s an old Abbot & Costello bit about Worcestershire sauce, that means I refuse to actually use the correct pronunciation. Even if I alwaaaays use Lee&Perrins.

There’s some super cool archaeological food research that places Wooster-shure-sheer-shire-shauce, & northern African fish sauce (almost identical Tp Worcestershire sauce, similar to how sherry & xiaoxing are virtually identical, half a world away) as the most likely …WE LOVE THIS… Roman colonies keeping “garum” alive, even though Italy/history lost it.
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Been watching quite a few YouTube videos on healthy recipes lately. This morning had a hankering for Greek yogurt and roasted spiced chickpeas.

Spread the yogurt on a plate, sprinkled with lemon zest, topped with broccoli charred in the cast iron skillet, aded some red cabbage, and the chickpeas which I did in the air fryer. Pretty nice. Think a piece of salmon might go nice with it.
I had Cincinnati chili, except I don’t think it counted as that because the chili didn’t have cinnamon, allspice, cloves, or nutmeg in it. It was a basic Tex-mex chili con carne, puréed, and used as a sauce over spaghetti. Topped with diced onions and plenty of grated cheddar cheese. Close enough for someone who has never had that before. Maybe regular chili over spaghetti is called something else.

Incidentally my dad always topped his spaghetti and sauce with cheddar cheese, so I didn’t know that people topped theirs with Parmesan until I became aware of the world. Maybe he did that because he was from the mid-West.
Baking hack:
I buy whole wheat flour and all purpose and fill up a flour container with alternating scoops of each. Then when I bake I substitute about a third of each cup of flour with wheat germ to bump up nutrition. So pancakes, cookies, etc have some extra fiber and nutrients!