What are you having for dinner? (wanna share your recipe?)


But the tip poked my thumb, so there was some blood.

If there hadn’t been? Your kitchen would have burned down. Or some equally catastrophic event. Day of.

Catastrophe? Averted. 😏 🥳

I have most or all of his books. Havent had a dud recipe yet.
Looooove his recipes.

These Turkey zuke meatballs are always sooooo juicy I keep meaning to try making Italian style meatballs this way (maybe with grated crookneck yellow squash? Those are basically zucchini’s uncle-daddy or brother-cousin. Lil wonky-lookin but basically the same durn thing. Maybe add just little bit of bacon?). But then I always forget >.< So I have no idea if they’d jump the Mediterranean to Italy successfully or not. One. Of. These. Days.
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Should be able to do the same thing for your Italian meatballs. Zucchini itself is an Italian staple, so why not? Today is potato pancake day, my daughter’s request. The grater is well used so I should not be grating knuckles this time out.



I’ve decided to try making ^^^this^^^ (which I make all the durn time 💕) with Turkey legs!!!

Clearly, I’m excited.

3 changes:

- In deference to poultry, I used chicken base, rather than beef base.
- In deference to my Midwest father (the corn flakes are too spicy) I omitted the chili powder
- in deference to State Fair Turkey legs (which are marinated in Coca Cola, or even boiled in Coke) …& NYE… I used a wet marinade overnight with Martinelli’s apple cider, rather than a dry rub overnight.

Everything else is staying the same. So far. 😉

Will update.


I rubbed my brisket last night. It is in the minus 20s C today. My buddy is going to try and smoke it for a short while tomorrow, I may just have to finish mine in the oven. No hot toddies allowed while you are freezing yer arse off cooking (dry community). Someone here gave him some fresh water cod which he is going to cook tonight. He said he caught some himself the last rotation, pan fried it and found it was weird texture wise, so he looked it up on line, says to boil it first in Sprite or seven up. So that is what he is going to do today, followed by a sauté in butter. It is another poor man’s lobster, so I am looking forward to that. Not sure what the sprite does to it. But then look at the cola and brisket.




Chicken Pithivier by Nadia Hussein

1) It’s one of my favorite things, ever, so anyone/everyone who CAN eat luscious creamy Brie, cranberry, & pink peppercorn chicken really really should have a go. “This is the pie of pies.” - Nadia Hussein - Yep. Totally agree. 💗 Crispy, molten, salty, sweet, umami, herbaceous, light, satisfying, “massive melty bit” …It’s one of those perfectly balanced hits all the craving buttons happiness/sunshine on a plate.

2) I’m on a chicken apple sage pie/tart/gallete QUEST. And one of the three versions I’m experimenting with is based on this.

- Chicken apple Turnovers >>> Mixed Filling, puff pastry, freeze to bake at leisure
- Chicken apple sage Galette >>> Layered filling, chicken below, apples all scalloped pretty over the top, maybe some apricot jam painted over the top (like on peach pies) to make extra shiny apples & a few blueberries or cranberries for color pop. Fancypants.
- Chicken apple sage Pithivier >>> Mixed & layered filling

When I get any/all of them “right” (or close to right for brainstorming) I’ll kick the recipe(s) up here. But I just had to share the pink peppercorn chicken and Brie Pithivier up here in the meantime.


Chicken Broccoli Alfredo - TheKiddo Style

Barilla or DeCecco Medium Shells
Bertolli Alfredo
Broccoli (steamed just to fluorescent green)
Tomatoes (chopped & liberally seasoned with Pepperman)
Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs *

* Chicken is preferably cooked crispy in either a George Foreman Grill, or air fryer, or panini press… so that when it gets plunked into the pasta it absorbs sauce like a sponge. But? Rotisserie chicken, fried chicken, frozen grilled chicken, whatever chicken also works. It IS wicked good all crispy and juicy and a zillion calories of sauce soaked up into it, but that’s bonus. From the first time I tried making chicken in the Foreman grill I got for xmas in 2005 or 2006, and ended up with something crossed between fried chicken and chicken jerky 🤣

Super complicated method below

Boil pasta al dente, drain, & toss in hot pan with Alfredo, broccoli, & chicken. Serve in bowls and top with chopped tomatoes. Done & done.


What is Pepperman?
Enliven daily fare with the gusto of Pepperman's zesty combination of black peppercorns and chili, Anaheim, and red/green bell peppers.
Sea Salt, Organic Black Pepper, Organic Chili Pepper, Organic Garlic, Organic Bell Pepper, Organic Rice Concentrate.
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What is Pepperman?

Whoops! Missed this. Was having a bad week or three.

One of my favorite “goes on everything” spice blends. It’s so much of a go-to I buy it by the pound… meanwhile white/black/pink peppercorns I buy by the ounce.