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What are you having for dinner? (wanna share your recipe?)

Fav new breakfast, love it, slightly altered from bbc good food Avocado Black Bean eggs.

200g Black beans, fairly well drained, so there's just a little liquid left
Half an Avocado, sliced
2 eggs, fried or poached
1 tsp olive oil
100g cherry tomatoes, partially cut in half so some juice can come out
1/8 tsp chilli flakes
1/8 tsp cumin seeds,
Clove of garlic
Dresh coriander
Lime juice

Gently fry the cumin seeds, chilli flakes and garlic in the oil.
Add the beans, tomatoes and warm through.
Pour into a bowl, mix in the lime juice, top with eggs, avocado and coriander.
Canadian t-giving is this weekend, I will be house sitting for my daughter while she and her family are in Portugal. Just talked to my sister in law, she and my brother, their kids and respective partners are joining me for t-giving festivities. So far I have had gluten free, low milk, no milk, no cream, no cheese, some cheese, and a partridge in a pear tree requests, oops, wrong holiday, lol. Wish me luck. Folks are contributing, though. The gluten free person becomes really sick, so I have to worry a bit about cross contamination. I will make the gluten free bits on their own ahead of time so I don’t do anything accidental.
I've been diagnosed with high bad cholesterol, which is surprising, though I don't know what my numbers were. I have to cut back on some types of fat in the meantime as I get back down, especially because I don't know if it was mild chloresterol or severe, so I've cut back on vitamin-rich oils like rainforest certified palm oil, full fat products like whole fat dairy, etc.

I usually don't eat much meat, but I love dairy. I even eat it despite being lactose intolerant (I use off brand lactose to keep symptoms at bay, it works up to a certain point).

I'd be extra excited if anyone has good recipes that disregard foods like that 👀 lol

Otherwise um 🤔 Well, keep going even if it's not about me lol (I don't have any recipes at the moment)
@OliveJewel , if you like spice, find a decent jerk paste. It comes in mild too…Pat the chop dry, rub with a lick of oil, and a spoonful or two of paste, let it sit for a bit - my trick is to freeze them individually in a vacuum seal bag, then pull one out as i need/want and let it thaw. I bake it at 400-425 for 15-20 minutes for a one inchish thick chop. Too thin becomes shoe leather. The juices can safely run a bit pink. I like Walker’s Wood, but the best but hard to find here is Busha Brown. If you prefer plainer kosher salt and lots of fresh ground pepper, but the really thin coat of oil after drying the chop still goes. .
I had tough bland pork chops. Would appreciate anyone’s time tested nearly foolproof pork chop recipe!
i mostly make Spanish, Caribbean, and SE Asian style pork, all of which use the juicy dark meat, instead of the dry white meat of the loin (what’s used in chops)… so that’s a massive cheat, right there. Dark pork never gets dry, it just shreds into pulled pork.

When I am using loin? It’s WICKED high heat (BBQ +500F, Wood-fired oven +700F) or incrediably loooooooow heat (200F). Both until internal temp = 150. Both serve the same purpose… keep all the juices inside. The first by being so blazing hot the steam cannot escape the sealed surface (regular searing/browning won’t work with dry white meats, the surface is too porous), the second by never reaching 212 degrees, so the juices inside never steam out.

BUT??? My mom’s favorite pork chop recipe is a Midwest perennial delight, always works, and has 10,000 variations

In a skillet with a lid
- Brown pork chops (naked, or dredged in seasoned flour) in butter.
- Add a couple cans of Campbell’s condensed cream of mushroom soup & splash of milk, chicken stock, or water. Maaaaaybe 1/4 of a can, per can, at most.
- Bring to simmer (hence the splash of liquid. It will steam off as you cook)
- Place lid, and simmer from apx 60-90 minutes, until chops are fork tender & swimming in saucy awesomeness.
- Voila! Done.

A few basic variations to get gears turning!
- Any condensed cream based soup (cream of chicken, cream of celery, etc.) The condensed part is key. Otherwise the diffusion ratio is off, and the pork juices out, instead of absorbing in.
- Alfredo sauce, instead of condensed soup, no extra h2o added, or given time to cook off before adding browned/raw meat.
- White wine, or sherry, instead of water/stock/milk
- Sliced onions (raw, in on top of the pork & condensed soup)
- Sliced or whole button mushrooms
- Splash of Woostershureshiresheer-shauce & dollup of sour cream with mushroom soup (for a more stroganoff style dish)… optional add onions and mushrooms. Serve over egg noodles.
- Bacon, and it’s drippings, instead of butter.
- Bacon, onion, celery, (peppers), instead of butter… also goes great with Old Bay or creole seasoning
- Picatta-style (butter, lemon, garlic, capers, & heavy cream)
- Cream Gravy, instead of condensed soup. Sausage & biscuits optional.
- Topped with ham & melted Swiss cheese, just layer over for the last 5-10 minutes.


ONE EXTRA, SAME BASIC PRINCIPLE (you’re making your own condensed cream soup, plus pounding your thick pork thin so it soaks up moisture) LOTS MORE WORK
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Had a meat and nut sandwich based on this recipe from a 1917 cookbook.

Minced up half of a dry bland pork chop. Finely chopped raw hazelnuts. Minced some baked onion from the chops. Added a bit of ketchup, the glaze sauce from the chops, and mayonnaise plus teeny bit of allspice, smoked paprika, and cinnamon. Salt and pepper.

Ate on marble rye. Side of pineapple tidbits and milk to drink.

A satisfying meal.

I noticed that the very old cookbooks always spread the bread for sandwiches with butter and often use melted butter as a binder. I suspect that’s because prepackaged mayonnaise was not yet a thing and making it at home was a little annoying.
Am curious how you would do it non-dairy and whether you would hot sauce it?
I’d dairy-up for everyone else! Easy peasy! 🤣

For non-dairy it would mean playing around… fortunately there are so many premade products, and it’s so durn easy to make cashew or almond cream, that it’s really just a science project.

If I don’t feel like a science project? Turkey, bacon, tomato open face on crispy bread??? Would still be an awesome dinner. Ditto if I smothered it in any other creamy sauce. Cashew or almond cream with some stone ground Dijon? Done. 😎


There’s a Japanese bakery (no milk, no butter; some Japanese bakeries use dairy, but many -like this one- don’t) nearby that has a totally awesome Texas-toast-like-loaf. But, as we nearly always have real Texas Toast in the house, I prolly won’t go to the effort of getting dairy free NotTexas Toast, and will just use whatever water/flour/salt/yeast bread I’ve made that week.

I serve hot sauce on the side of almost everything. 😉

((Mostly because my fam spans the range from “the cornflakes are too spicy” to 🔥vindaloo🔥. So everything is made 1 star, and people can heat up Up UP! to their own happy place.))
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