What Did You Do For You Today???


I told someone I often give support to that I had to hang up and go cook breakfast for myself. I told her that I needed to take my meds too. She protested, since she is in the ICU at a nearby hospital. I held my ground. If I am going to help someone else, i need to take care of me somewhere along the way. I had already been talking to her for half an hour. I prayed with her and consoled her. That was all I could do. I will call her this evening.
I broke into a filing cabinet that hasn't been opened in a decade.

Then sorted out a huge pile of documents that were contained therein and thankfully put 9/10's of it in the rubbish... two drawers down - two to go.

Fortune was gaxzing lovelingly my way today, while sorting I found the combination and keys to my safe so I fought my way into a spare room, casting boxes of crap left and right, made space for my body and had a red hot go at opening my safe.

Three goes later - I'm in and layed my eyes on some really precious momentos from another life - that I've not seen in fifteen years.

Mixed emotions from it all.


I allowed my self to ignore the hyperactivity= "I-want -to-keep-going-winding up-have 'fun'-jump on every impuls-and-get-high-on-dopamine-until-I-crash", and took a warm shower and lay down to try to pray- and found out my body is still exhausted despite my mind feeling better= so I allowed my self to sleep for 30 minutes. Now I will allow my self to feel joy and listen to one of the audio-schoolbooks and go for a walk before the darkness sets in.

I will allow my self to follow my own rhythm but also try to mediate between my body's needs and my soul/minds needs. (Them being somewhat in conflict..)

Tornadic Thoughts

I updated my resume'. 🤓

What an interesting trip down memory lane.

Definitely have varied skills and experiences, both on and off the job. lol

I'd damn sure hire me. 🤣

Haven't been employed full-time for almost a decade - and don't plan to return to a f/t schedule.

Grateful to have that circumstance even be an option. (knock on wood)

Might submit it to a few places just to see if I'm someone they'd even wish to talk to.

Who knows - I might find my dream p/t job. 🤞