What Did You Do For You Today???

Tornadic Thoughts

Listened to and practiced breathing exercises (20 connected breaths in various ways and alternate nostril breathing) while soaking in a candlelit hot bath full of magnesium flakes and epsom salts. I had the windows open so I could hear the spring peepers chorus in the background. A much appreciated attitude adjustment. 🐸🕯️🛀💛

ETA - I forgot to update regarding the resume I submitted on a whim, @blackemerald1 . How did your interview go? I didn't get any calls. But that's okay. I learned more about the job and it would involve going into other peoples' homes for long periods of time, as well as going to other public places full of endless stank bombs. Unless I could verify each and every one didn't use scented products that would make me sick (which would be impossible), it wouldn't be a good fit.

That was actually a good lesson for me to remind myself there's a reason the windshield is bigger than the rear view mirror - it was a job doing direct support care for folks with developmental disabilities by teaching life skills, socialization, community integration, etc., which is what I did full-time and then some for over 13 years. I left that scene for the health of it and to go back would likely not be beneficial for multiple reasons. I guess I felt those particular skills were the ones I had the most of to document, and that could be easily verified by references. Mainstream anything has never been a good fit for me, so what makes me think now would be any different? lol

Glad to have it updated and ready to roll in case something more suited to my needs comes along, but meanwhile, I'm gonna keep growing food and doing the volunteer work at the place that trains service and therapy dogs. It's been rewarding in so many ways. Dogs and plants are so much easier to communicate with than most humans. 🐶 🌱 Perhaps that's my sign of what shift needs to happen. Direct support puppy and plant care - sign me up! :) Glad I responded to that invitation, for sure!
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I ignored a couple of verbal jabs directed at me and just kept doing as I was doing. I also walked a few blocks to the store and back, which isn't easy considering the spinal stenosis, but I did really well, (it's important that I get some exercise). I still had to use my cane but I didn't have too much pain.

I contacted my grief support friend on a different site and touched base with her for the weekend. I plan to call tomorrow to see what if anything the X-rays of my lower spine showed. Staying proactive with my health both mental and physical to the best of my ability. Pushing myself to do well, but not to the point of perfectionism.

Tornadic Thoughts

Me and the hubby met with a personal trainer at the therapy pool to make sure we're on the right track with the activities we choose to do, are getting the most out of our pool time, and to find out more routines that would benefit us without overdoing it in ways we'll regret based on our individual physical barriers and such.

Come to find out, all of what we've chosen to do ourselves, so far, from researching what we want to accomplish and watching the You Tube University videos, and me getting feedback from a physical therapist I know, are the exact things he was suggesting and demonstrating. Hot damn! Looks like we found our pool groove.

He showed us a closet that has even more tools to use for resistance and such that we had always assumed was the janitor closet. lol Now we get to add to our arsenal of pool noodles, hand weights, and the jog belt floaty thingy. Fun!

Tornadic Thoughts

Posted on a local community board thingy seeking other folks who live a whole food plant-based vegan lifestyle, and who also don't use the typical fragrance/scented stuff. LOL

I didn't expect much of a response, and so far, I'm getting exactly what I expected. Still holding out hope that there's got to be at least one or two others somewhere sort of close. 🤷‍♀️

Craving some like-minded real life company for a change.