What Did You Do For You Today???


Went to work. Stayed at work when I wanted to go home early. & am now taking the week off to baby my broken wrist.

(It’s not casted, yet. Waiting for the swelling to go down.) Cast & painkillers on Sunday, when I can afford them, because I sucked it up and went to work today. I might schedule a shift for Saturday… but I’m pretty worthless right now. Still better to be worthless @ work than to lose my job over missing a shift. But since I don’t have anything scheduled? And will be paid enough to cover the medical this weekend? I’m staying the fawk home the next few days to be a big baby.

Tornadic Thoughts

Texted a couple folks I had been feeling kinda down about not hearing from. Come to find out they've been dealing with some heavy stuff. Glad I reached out instead of continuing to wait for them.

I tend to all too often think folks I communicate with aren't reaching out because of something I may have said or done rather then because of the simple truth of life getting in the way. It's more like my damn brain gets in the way.