What Did You Do For You Today???

Tornadic Thoughts

Slept later than usual - it's the first day this week I didn't have to be somewhere.

Swept the floors - the dust bunny in one of the corners had been bugging me.

Peeled and froze more baby bananas - for future smoothies and nice cream.

Did my own mani and pedi - my version is pretty low maintenance, compared to what I used to pay others to do for me - I keep 'em natural now and keep them filed short enough so they don't need cutting, soak them in magnesium flake/epsom salts, then mix a little cbd oil and shea butter to massage them with and sock the feet up. Ta-da! Happy hands and feet - and happy wallet - and happy olfactory system, et al, from not having to navigate the smells of salon products and such.

Tornadic Thoughts

Dusted off, updated, and did a session with my neurofeedback machine. It got buried on a shelf back when my mom became ill and passed away. Funny how we can have incredibly therapeutic and helpful tools right under our noses, but our brain can repeatedly override the motivation to use them and, instead, keep flooding us with the things that keep us stuck. Shut up, brain!


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Ok, it is a given that as a Supporter we tend to take a back step to PTSD when it is affecting our lives.

I think we should write a list of what we did for ourselves each day as a habit to remind ourselves to cater to our needs as well. It doesn't have to be anything dramatic or impressive... it could be just taking time out even if for only 10 minutes.
  • Yesterday I went dancing with my husband which I enjoy and is helping strengthening my back (win win for both of us).
  • Today we practised our dance moves...
  • Tomorrow I am going to get my nails done. Having a girly chat with the nail technician is very therapeutic.
Now it's your turn............

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I went on errands with my husband and played with my dog

Tornadic Thoughts

  • Brain machine/infrared tourmaline & jade heating mat time.
  • Made and used a face-mask made with fulvic/humic acid powder, kaolin and bentonite clay, and aloe vera gel while I soaked in a salt bath.
  • Made herbal sun teas - a burdock/red clover/sarsaparilla combo and a schizandra berry version.
  • Hula hooped in the rain.