What Do You Need In This Moment?


I need to allow myself the opportunity to grieve on a deeper level, for my sister. It is difficult 'cause I tend to stuff painful feelings down.

I also need to celebrate the special bond we shared. She was my closest friend as well as the reason that I enjoyed life during an, especially difficult childhood. She has been and continues to be an immense blessing.

Tornadic Thoughts

A hip that likes to easily go back into and stay in place and the ability to automagically heal my hubby's foot injury. We're a slow moving pair currently.

Decades of abusing ones body in multiple ways (both directly and indirectly at the hands of others) creates a lifetime of, "Damn, wonder what I did to make that hurt?" moments. They seem to arrive more frequently and last longer as the years go by.


Pain relief. Fatigue relief. A feeling of well being. To wake up in the morning and actually get up and dressed and stay up all day. That would be a dream come true.