What Do Your Monsters Look Like?


This is so interesting! Although I wake during the nights in panic, it’s very seldom I remember my nightmares (and I’ve never remembered a good dream ever =(…). My monsters have come in the form of recurring nightmares I call my “lava dreams.” It’s basically volcanic lava on its way towards me and I’m responsible for saving the people I love - who seem unaware and uncooperative despite the fact the dangerous lava is right there headed towards us. There’s always lots of obstacles (sometimes zombies or criminals trying to kill us or being trapped in some place we have to escape)…but the overall feelings of immensity of the lava is the worst part.

Other nightmares… my abuser appears as himself (no need to change into any other kind of monster I guess). Or it’s my SO engaging in my abusers behaviors…which is the worst because my SO is a nice kind person. I always wake up so mad and I want to clobber my sleeping SO next to me for what he did in my nightmares… and then later I feel glad my SO isn’t the “man of my dreams” cuz “that guy is awful.” At least when I tell my SO that we get a good laugh.