What Is On Your Mind Right This Second?

I just read a woman in my country qualifies for and has been awarded MAID for what I have genetically and hasi no treatment. Easy to prove and they said indisputable in terms of excessive level of chronic pain. And I've had it 20 years longer. She said "it's not a solution (she prefers) but it is a solution".
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I too hope you slept last night @Defaultxlove . 🫂'

Was thinking friday night I felt like I needed debriefing. Hit me hard by sunday. Very thankful crisis averted that time; prayers from a friend during (who was forgiving, wouldn't have wanted to hear from me but despite it did), and 2 neighbours/ men after the fact (1 is moving, too bad) saying call/ they will help anytime. Never had that before. Very very grateful.
Well a grateful one @Defaultxlove , yes.

And I suppose one where I have to accept the impact of stress on me (stress cup). Forget that one usually. Yet it's probably one of the bigger factors. Though seems like a cop out to say/ think it.

Thinking I have 3/4 days to work, then 3 off. Then 2 on, then 5 off. Then 3/4 and then 3 off, the way I arranged vacation with their ridiculous system. I just have to get through today-through-thursday.
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