What Is On Your Mind Right This Second?

Was thinking that even if I don't dictate what comes to me (intrusive thoughts, or FB's- rare), I can still set my own boundary to myself as to what I'll think of them, do about them (eg pick up apart cognitive distortions), and how I will deal with being triggered. And other stuff. And what I choose to think about it.

Thankful for my username change. I want to start new but bring forward what I've learned. Candles are hopeful to me too, but one flame can light the world if it's shared. (Plus it's freezing out here now. ☺️ )
What is on my mind right this second....Ummm... Sex and Love. How they are two different things but can be awesome when they're both together simultaneously. I guess I have been alone too long (years even). 😸 Sometimes, I want sex and sometimes I want to lie on the sofa and cuddle up with a partner and sometimes, I want both. So yeah, sex and love. 💛💙💛💙💛
A person at work asked me what was stressing me out then after I told them. They proceed to give me advice that was not asked for. Then told me his advice might not be helpful but I can call him if I want to talk.
Now I can't stop thinking about it and when people upset me I tend to want to cut them off even if this was the first time he did this.
How vexing it is to be ONE key ingredient shy of something like 6 different meals.

Because it’s not that I don’t have food. I do. But I won’t cook it, or eat it, because I’m saving it to make ABC, or XYZ with. Okay! Well how about…no. So what about…nope. Not that either. Surely… well f*ck. Maybe, nope! Damn damn damn damn.

Water water everywhere & not a drop to drink. Grrrr.
Medicinal Marijuana because if the Governor's executive order is still active come January, I will be able to get medical cannabis for my chronic illnesses, tho I have to go out of the state to get it.
People have been annoying me so I put my phone on do not disturb so I can get myself together. When people start overly explaining things. No all I need is for you to get to the point. My patience for others is not like It use to be. Even with myself I get annoyed when I hear my self over explan. I'm just go to bed.