What Is On Your Mind Right This Second?

I'm thinking about the sunshine 🌞. It's lovely here. And I'm listening to radiohead thinking I should really go sit in the park. I've been reading my Dalai lama book and it's talking about suffering and its great but it got me thinking about stuff. So long as I'm safe and not hurting anyone else then I don't really care what decision I make.
@Friday , it tugs at the heart strings abit does radiohead!! It's the " moon shaped pool" album. It's been an emotional day. I'm OK though. I'm reading everyday at the moment which is great and I'm stepping up my music work.
How are you @Friday ?
Fighting. As always. Cheers. Keep on keepin on. And bliss out in that sunshine for me. It’s Scotland envies, round these gloomy ass parts. 😉
@Freddyt the pup unzips my purse and gently takes the kleenex out and then ferociously shreds it to bits which she throws all over. Then the last piece she won't give up magically turns into a peanut (trade). 😋

I was thinking when I saw the fox, I thought:

Wow looks just like a caricature/ kid's drawing.
Triangle of white fur on end of tail. Fox ears. Big fox.
Wow (s)he's big, the one I saw before was red and must have been a baby., squirrel sized on a frozen river.
What does he weigh?
Do they eat people?
Hey he looked right at me!
Hey, I remembered to say "You're so beautiful!"
Tried to get pic, phone locked, just a little too late. Too bad!
Don't want to get bit as need rabies shots in the stomach (series).
What do they eat? -They say Fox in the henhouse.
Friend had one eating chickens.
Wonder if he's hungry?
Lean but not emaciated.
Glad I don't have food out.
I can see why dogs should be on a leash.
Wonder if he came from the creek?
WOW- cool!
Only 2nd one I've seen in person before. Close, within a few feet.
He looked both ways before he crossed the street, then stayed on the sidewalk.
The Little Prince.
Have a story for the people tomorrow.
Looked like he went right into the apartment with the light on lol.

Which I thought all in about 1 1/2 minutes. Which is both kind of silly and bizarre and -neat, really. 😊
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Imagery : The Road

“You’re standing on a road. Tell me about it.”

A BIZARRELY useful question.

In a series of following questions I cannot remember. Houses. Fences. Obstacles and objectives. But the first Q? Hits home in… IDFK. It’s just useful. Telling. Profoundly.

(Today? Incidentally? Asphalt. Crumbling around the edges. Sand blowing about. Worn. Paint still distinct if faded. The lines are there. The edges. Both blasted. Obscured but visible. Passage & obscurity & intent & neglect. On foot, rather than intended transport. Out of one’s element. Unabashed. I am here.)

@anthony Do yo remember the rest of the Q’s &/or are able to direct me to them? It was a loooong time ago. No worries if not.
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