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What Is On Your Mind Right This Second?

I don't want to work today. I'm so tired and feel like shit. My troath is sore but I don't know if it's from hay fever or not. It's been sore for days but I have no fever.. thinking about how this wouldn't have been an issue before the pandemic. Then all people I know worked even when a bit ill..

Otherwise I think about my thesis a lot. And just want to work on it so it might be finished before deadline. (3 weeks)
@zaniara I feel you, the world is different now. Hope you get better soon.

First time I feel a smidge normal in a while, so I won't question it.
A week ago I would have been mad at myself for not being 1000% productive, but now I'm grateful for every small step closer to feeling normal.
I'm tired of being angry so I have to forgive the world and try to move forward, even with things as they are right now. We don't chose the bad things that happen around us or globally. We only chose what we do so I have to let it go, or at least ease up a bit.
I was thinking I never had an adult conversation with my father, well not as an adult. I would have liked that. But I can't imagine what it would be like?

I remember my mom saying she wouldn't buy me a Chem set or me and dad would probably blow up the garage. 🤭
My family is the kind of family that does “wish lists”.

From 1989 to 2023 my “wish list” has the last 2 items on it as

A Yacht & A Rubber Duck

Noooooo one has ever gotten me the rubber duck.

C’mon! PEOPLE!!!

((my birthday is coming up. and I’ve cancelled it, this year, as I’ve been off-work since Halloween. LAST YEAR, was the first year in close to a decade that I actually decided to celebrate, with a party & presents & the whole 9. So of course? I caught Covid. And was sick / the whole thing cancelled. In theory to be reduxed later. Never was. And this year? Cancelled, again. By me’self, instead of fate. Ish. I throw my own parties, and invite others to tag along. But seeeeeeriously. IDFK how many years 89-23 are, (math), but it seems like a whole helluva long time to shy away from spending $1.99. For real. Even with my hehehe placement on the list. I DID freeze money in water & give it to my cousin who’s joke item was ‘cold hard cash’. It wasn’t a lot of money, but between the ice & ducttape sculpture? Total ‘I love you’ WIN. It’s a rubber freaking duck, people. I don’t even want it, per se. I just want someone to see the joke. LeSigh. Everyone in my family who “gets” me has been squished by an avalanche, or died in other totally inconvenient ways.))
Icy cold, super spicy, crisp, fizzy, delightful KimChee on a hot summers day. Ha! Take that social distancing slackers!!! This is almost as good as dried squid strips on a bus for having my own little fiefdom of peace & tranquility. 😍
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I was thinking how one (negative) action in a few minutes can have such a profound long-lasting impact. But, how also does a positive one, tiny as it may seem sometimes. The ripple effect.
Russell Howard. Vagazzle.

How stupid would it be if men did this?!? “I dipped my dick in glitter!”

🤣 My 2nd fave comedian. Second only to Robin Williams. Possibly in a tie for 2nd with ZeFrank. (Sad Cat Diaries. Sad Dog Diaries. Dear Kitten. Nudibranchs. Et Cetera.)