What Is On Your Mind Right This Second?

I am really blown away by the shift I've had. Can't even get the right words for it, but it feels tectonic, only in a happy gentle way, not disruptive. Haven't felt this peaceful in maybe more than 12 -15 years (and those weren't easy years). I keep thinking what do I have to remember? But it's not that complicated and doesn't rely on me figuring it all out. Relief.

ETA Very grateful! 🙂
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Heard last night Sts pick you not vice versa. Thought that's sweet. Then today got a prayer card (last one) of one I've prayed to since about 2005/2006. Esp about the current stuff I try to manage, I was reminded.
Kind of cool!
What's the attraction for Taylor Swift fans? (Sorry to anyone who is a fan). Tickets here they said can be scalped for 20k each. I don't have anything against her but I always find her very- 'posed'? But, hey, she's meant to have such a following I guess. And wealthy fans lol 😶
I am thinking that even though I am not particularly good at it, I love to sing along to a long list of favorite songs.

I am thinking that before when the family would gather, I had an audience of sorts, not wanting or needing to impress, but to just share my love of music with them. The songs were chosen because they are an extension of my personality and a soundtrack to the story of my life.
I'm thinking I have good words to carry me through this week, which I need and am thankful for.

I am worried re: work but was better at catching myself for that and other thoughts.

It is 3 years since my sister died this week. It feels like 30. Thought I will write other sister, but now I think I will ask if I should write other sister.

News of some backpay- unexpected surprise. Thankful also!
I am thinking about why I still feel like a helpless kid, a lot of the time... when I am a full-grown man who has resources and is far from helpless? It is difficult to carry a helpless child within one's self. I understand how he feels because he was subjected to negative and harmful situations over which he had no control. All I can do is love that part of myself and by writing here I am letting him know he is no longer alone.