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What Is On Your Mind Right This Second?

Aw @Lionheart Idk reading that ^^ if I should laugh or cry. (The song made me laugh). It's been quite a journey for you, that's an understatement of the century. I can only say I think you love deeply at least partly because you've suffered so deeply. Big hugs for you. 🫂

I think my unnerving feeling is partly the 'background noise' of negative news on tv and listening to co workers talking, and the subtle or not so subtle temptation to fall back in to overthinking, or the kind of thinking or distractions and self-focus that breed hopelessness for me, that is as close as I can describe it. So I'd rather not go that route. It's useless and actually inaccurate. It was funny, I saw a person the other day when I was feeling that unnerving feeling and fear with a T shirt that said, Love Always Wins. Then I saw them again, many miles away!
i woke up remembering what I need to remember, rather: plain gratitude; not fearing what is ok; not trying to solve what isn't for me to solve (that does not mean to despair); remember to not therefore get distracted from what I can do; go easier on myself if triggered. Forgot I had a guy follow me today. Wasn't worried, just unnerved, but I picked up on it right away. It started at the front of a grocery store and knew I could head straight for Customer service. I was just surprised how fast and persistent he was, didn't look like he was able.
Aw @Lionheart Idk reading that ^^ if I should laugh or cry. (The song made me laugh). It's been quite a journey for you, that's an understatement of the century. I can only say I think you love deeply at least partly because you've suffered so deeply. Big hugs for you. 🫂
Laugh, it is funny and I would rather you laugh than cry! And yes, it has been quite a journey for me. Thank you for being a part of my healing. Big Hugs for you as well!!! 🫂
The "incredibly" loud noise right outside my office door! Construction is everywhere around me. Across the street they are building a multi level warehouse and next door they are bringing in the equipment to pave the back parking lot. The street is lined with huge trucks - with engines roaring constantly. The side walk is about 20 feet from my door and they are parked on both sides of the street. The trucks have been going up and down the road multiple times since the road is a dead end, so they come and go, come and go.They are also replacing the main road at the end of our street, so the noise is coming from all directions. I would really like to be home right now - at least it would be quieter. I'm near tears now and will be here for another 7 hours!
Oh @katz I'm familiar with it, and worked in a building they added an addition to and it went on for nearly a year, the jack hammering for months. It rattles your teeth and my nerves felt shot! No wonder these poor workers lose their hearing. TLC and my sympathies to you!! And your ears!! 🫂🫂🫂
I was thinking of someone I know who said, ~as humans we are egocentric; we think or make everything about us. But it rarely is.

Unrelated, I was also thinking of whether my choices or presence is negative, positive or neutral (incidental) for those around me. I know it's important not to overthink, but I do imagine it's also important to think. But, I don't really know. my opinion or conclusion might be different from their's. Only matters to the extent I can alter whether I'm there or not, of course.

But, I'm also too tired to wonder about what Idk. I like not overthinking, but I hope that's not a mistake.
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I woke up thinking of my sister and remembering it's important to be there to give support; that it's important to do in general. Regardless of what my brain wonders at times (above).
@Freddyt! Sorry to bother you but you were the person (knowing cats) who came to mind! (Although any Cat people's advice is appreciated!!) I came home tonight-motion detector was on in the back and dog away- opened the back door to check garage and there was a (large) black cat sitting about 10 feet away. Went to grab my phone (camera) and to the right came another.. and then a third! 1st one went to leave and then turned around and walked slowly to me (I stayed inside). NOT kittens- LARGE!! Know it is 'mice looking for shelter season', but haven't seen any. Large fence all the way around... What is THAT??? I like cats and worry about black ones at Halloween but did not know if these were feral? Sister saw a black one a few days ago and it ran towards her and the dog- she walked away and had bad feeling as it wasn't keeping a distance. What do you think?? We are in the city and in Canada too.
Thank you!!
Signed, Clueless about cats! 🫥👀

ETA @Freddyt , I just talked to a friend- said maybe domesticated, got out and stuck together, she thought weird it came to me though. But said they eat bunnies!! And I just said to my sister no sign of the 1-3 of them (bunnies) that I usually see in the yard! (??) 👀 She said even as a cat person that would freak her out! (?)

(And to add to it there are fairy lights in an old glass oil lamp and they were on. in the house. 👀 🤣 )
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@Tinyflame We live in an area where people dump their pet cats they don't want anymore. It's a cruel act, but very common. The animal shelter/ humane society charges a fee to take an animal, which people don't want to pay. Since the cats you found seemed tame, they may have been abandoned pets. Feral cats who have grown up in the wild are afraid of people and usually run when they see one. Abandoned pet cats know that a human means food, shelter, and comfort.

When my children were young we took in countless strays over the years. We fed and sheltered them in our barn. Many became house cats. Sadly, many of these abandoned cats aren't neutered which causes the feral cat population to grow. Mommas have given birth on my patio, in our barn, in our foyer, in our utility room, and among my rose bushes. We have found good homes for their kittens and distributed them among family members. It wasn't always convenient running a a home for wayward felines, but it taught my growing children many lessons about human nature, compassion, God's creatures, birth and death, and how simple acts of kindness matter. The lovely cat sleeping on the back of my chair was abandoned as a kitten in the middle of the road as a tiny kitten with her litter mates on a cold, rainy October evening. She is a bit quirky, a real diva, but my dearest companion. 💜
@Aprilshowers thank you so much! This is what my friend said, she said wild ones would likely run! But the strange this is, cats come to my sister and I- they usually act like dogs. Even one at my sister's work, and one just camping (with the dog), and one rescue I met, the owners said, "That is unbelievable, (they each) hide from everyone!" Even one terribly cold (as always) winter, we heard a sound at the front door, it was a cat (despite the fact we had 2 big dogs, the only house with a dog in fact). Brought it in, tired to give it food and warmth and cuddles. Then my sister carried it out around the neighborhood, it got up on her shoulder and then purposefully jumped off and headed for a house, hopefully it's home!

Walking the dog the other day, she was just concerned re: rabies, as they try to cozy up and get in range to bite apparently (all animals with it). The dog has never had a bad experience but she is at the stage to just have her sit and watch.

I think you are right! Here the shelters are overflowing. They definitely looked like grown litter mates, cookie-cutters. But well fed also. My friend said if the case arises only call a no-kill shelter or better still call her!

I know too there are many birds in my yard in the day- I mean 1 or 2 dozen little ones- and a nest right out the door in a short 6 foot tree. Personally we both love animals but am even surprised they were where they could smell a dog, unless they grew up with one. I even told my friend, when I stopped in my tracks I said, (Oh wow )"Look at you!" and shortly it was headed to me. Ey chi wawa! 👀🫢 She did say it seemed very odd however there were (at least) 3, like a pack. But not if they were dumped/ a family, maybe didn't get out but were 'put out'.

Thank you!! And I love the sound of your little diva! She was meant to find you 😍🥰
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