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@Tinyflame We live in an area where people dump their pet cats they don't want anymore. It's a cruel act, but very common. The animal shelter/ humane society charges a fee to take an animal, which people don't want to pay. Since the cats you found seemed tame, they may have been abandoned pets. Feral cats who have grown up in the wild are afraid of people and usually run when they see one. Abandoned pet cats know that a human means food, shelter, and comfort.

When my children were young we took in countless strays over the years. We fed and sheltered them in our barn. Many became house cats. Sadly, many of these abandoned cats aren't neutered which causes the feral cat population to grow. Mommas have given birth on my patio, in our barn, in our foyer, in our utility room, and among my rose bushes. We have found good homes for their kittens and distributed them among family members. It wasn't always convenient running a a home for wayward felines, but it taught my growing children many lessons about human nature, compassion, God's creatures, birth and death, and how simple acts of kindness matter. The lovely cat sleeping on the back of my chair was abandoned as a kitten in the middle of the road as a tiny kitten with her litter mates on a cold, rainy October evening. She is a bit quirky, a real diva, but my dearest companion. 💜
@Aprilshowers thank you so much! This is what my friend said, she said wild ones would likely run! But the strange this is, cats come to my sister and I- they usually act like dogs. Even one at my sister's work, and one just camping (with the dog), and one rescue I met, the owners said, "That is unbelievable, (they each) hide from everyone!" Even one terribly cold (as always) winter, we heard a sound at the front door, it was a cat (despite the fact we had 2 big dogs, the only house with a dog in fact). Brought it in, tired to give it food and warmth and cuddles. Then my sister carried it out around the neighborhood, it got up on her shoulder and then purposefully jumped off and headed for a house, hopefully it's home!

Walking the dog the other day, she was just concerned re: rabies, as they try to cozy up and get in range to bite apparently (all animals with it). The dog has never had a bad experience but she is at the stage to just have her sit and watch.

I think you are right! Here the shelters are overflowing. They definitely looked like grown litter mates, cookie-cutters. But well fed also. My friend said if the case arises only call a no-kill shelter or better still call her!

I know too there are many birds in my yard in the day- I mean 1 or 2 dozen little ones- and a nest right out the door in a short 6 foot tree. Personally we both love animals but am even surprised they were where they could smell a dog, unless they grew up with one. I even told my friend, when I stopped in my tracks I said, (Oh wow )"Look at you!" and shortly it was headed to me. Ey chi wawa! 👀🫢 She did say it seemed very odd however there were (at least) 3, like a pack. But not if they were dumped/ a family, maybe didn't get out but were 'put out'.

Thank you!! And I love the sound of your little diva! She was meant to find you 😍🥰
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Thank you @Friday ! Well this is just it: I know almost nothing about cats- forgot the cat lovers thread, only dogs. It is illegal here to let them run free (I have no problem with that of myself, I don't mean that), but I have almost never had a cat in the yard, let alone 1-2-3 all looking alike. Squirrels, bunnies, birds, an occasional chipmunk, mouse, once a vole, (ETA and a goose, and a pair of ducks 2 years in a row 😃) but a cat, no, and never in the back yard (I've always thought because of a dog). With dogs if they are lost or run away you are frantic; I didn't know if you could let out the whole family (of cats) and they would all come home again? I can only say even my cat friend who is hugely experienced said she's never had it happen either, and thought maybe they all got out? I don't know any neighbours who have any, and granted not much for markings but same behaviour as the one my sister encountered a few blocks a way about 2 weeks ago. Usually if a dog barks +/or the hump goes up I would expect another animal to stop or engage defensively. But Idk lol. I think they looked well fed enough to say they either have a home, or someone's feeding them, or there's lots of mice (my neighbour across the street has them under his deck, the family beside him has them in their shed. I said You need a cat! ☺️)

The dog plays with birds so who knows, maybe didn't get a bad vibe to avoid lol?
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Well @Friday , mystery half-solved: bunny fur outside, a couple small bird feathers (no bodies), and a mouse in a basement safety (is-there-one-there-?) trap. Looked everywhere can't see where it got in. I never trust there is 'one'. But zero other signs atm. 🥴
Thank you.
we have refrigerators with screens and apps but what about a doggy watering system thank you
Like this one? Amazon.com

My friends have a 10 gal human water dispenser (sparklets? Arrowhead? I forget which brand) they attached to their pet bowl, in case they have to stay out of town later than they planned. But that’s straight up mechanical, push lever, voila! Rather than electronic, or internet-able.
I think I feel as an obstacle, in the way and/ or a burden because it feels like what I experienced growing up (small). Either don't approach as it will be negative (learned early, not a big deal for me as I recall, just learned) or speak up (hard to do) and I didn't seem important enough for anyone to address it or remember me if I did, their needs and wants were what they had in mind. Or don't speak up because everyone has too many problems/ too much of their own stuff to deal with, too much going on. Perhaps more a memory rather than triggered, though it feels the same.

I guess it feels just like it did at 4, and the way it is. And like whining from me. Best I can describe how I feel. I guess I feel incidental and in the way of others plans and desires, and just on my own. And still whiny to think it could be otherwise lol. I guess I or my needs don't feel worth caring about from others, which is fine tbh. They are entitled to determining their priorities and what and who matters to them, and have their own desires and needs and goals and pressures to deal with. I wish them the best.

My mom's birthday would be Sunday. She was not that way, just circumstances sometimes.
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