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What Makes You :) Today

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Ah, another anniversary. This one is a good one, good from the bad.
45 years ago today I was severely wounded and for all intensive purposes died and was brought back to life...Tonight I'll have a nice Scotch to toast the day and also for those who can't be here to do it with me...
So, all things considered, it's a very good day and one that makes me glad to be alive.

Semper Fi


Enjoy your Alive Day Jar! I'll have a scotch with you later tonight.
With that big retro check you're gonna receive, you gonna move away from the jerk neighbor? If not, at least buy a case of TP and TP his house!

I'm happy for you, Jar! Hope the feeling lasts and lasts.

Thanks Guys. I've tried to learn to enjoy the days I get.

And Sarg, my neighbor is absolutely petrified of me now. He doesn't talk, make comments to me or anything. He avoids me and I ignore him. He's still a jerk but I can live with how it seems to be now. Hope it stays that way.

Today's just a reminder that I've come a long way. Still miles to go as they say but at least I'm still here. :D
Finally got my wife's car fixed. Spent most of last night and this morning changing out the radiator. It's been sitting in the driveway for over a year. :D I have OCD characteristics that make getting my hands oily, greasy, sticky, etc very difficult mentally for me. I buckled down and just forced myself through it, breathing hard, sweating, and having a very difficult time, but got it done.

See the thread "what makes me angry today" for the flip side.
Not to rob the thread, but they do make gloves for mechanics now, Barb. They keep your hands clean and protect them as well. Not very expensive.

@JarHed I chuckled all the way through of your description of your neighbor now. Good for you. man, good for you.

Yes, but I experience the same thing if I wear gloves. If they are plastic/butryl/latex/rubber/etc my hands get all sweaty inside the glove. If they are a type of cloth they become soaked in fuel/oil/etc and I still freak out. I get a sensation most comparable to fingernails on a chalkboard when my hands get sticky, oily, greasy, chalky, etc.

It's a disorder, it doesn't follow logical patterns or always make sense.
I hope I'm not adding fuel to the fire but, have you heard of mechanics ( think that's the brand ) gloves? They have a huge logo on the back that says that. Palm is a thin material, not sure what but the back is porous so your hands don't sweat. Just throwing it out there, they may not be of help. I've taken to wearing gloves almost always 'cause I'm handling all kinds of stuff and they're good protection. The palm and fingers are thin enough to manage very small nuts, bolts and the like.

I've included a picture below.

mech gloves.jpg
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