What to do with myself - ptsd in action

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I completely understand where you are coming from. I worked for the government and they could not understand PTSD and did not renew my contract.

From my personal experience most companies do not understand PTSD at all. They think you can take a pill and be cured. My coworkers have said that to me on many occassions. They will indirectly say someone here should be on medication and does not realize it. It is a big misconception. I am sorry your company does not understand that it may take you longer. I would suggest that you at least try their way to see if it can work. You never know until you try.

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Returning to the "do I have ptsd or not" theme again. I just read Anthony's new bits on the info thread on ptsd. I can tick off so many - virtually all- of those dsm criteria that it's scary. This logically says to me -girl ,you have ptsd. But then, I am no psychologist. Also, the one psychologist I have seen so far says that while I have the symptoms of ptsd, I can't actually have it, cos my traumas occured over 10 years ago. On the other hand, this dsm stuff has the bit about delayed onset, which I could come under. I could also come under the chronic bit, cos I seem to manage more or less for a few months (just luckily avoiding places/people that set me off I think), then the whole lot comes back again and I'm back at square one.

I did mention this to the new doc I'm seeing soon. She didn't say I had ptsd, but she said that my traumas being a long time ago didn't mean that I don't have it. She did say that we could investigate this when I saw her. This place I'm going to is supposed to be a dedicated stress/trauma disorders place, so if I do have ptsd, I hope they can help me manage it better. If I don't, I hope they can still advise me on whatever problem I do have - even if it's the dreaded personality disorder thing (had a look at these criteria too, and I don't fit, but that doesn't necessarily mean I won't get forced into that box).

I guess this all goes back to the "diagnosis/misdiagnosis stage of ptsd. Hopefully I will know one way or the other in a couple of weeks, then I can stop boring everyone here with all the what ifs and maybes.
I think one of the full stories linked from the recent thread info, [DLMURL="http://www.ptsdforum.org/thread121.html"]PTSD in Iraq[/DLMURL], where one of those said it took two years for them to diagnose them with PTSD, even though they had the exact symptoms from start to when diagnosed, same story, same events, same trauma... This is nothing new to me actually, as some of my friends who developed PTSD took up to 2 years before they were diagnosed with it.

Hang in there. People get diagnosed with one anxiety disorder, then get told they actually have another. It is happening all round the world, so don't expect anything less.

Oh, good to hear that someone does read this stuff... :thumbs-up
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I know how you feel about waiting to find out the diagnosis. I was searching in the all the places I could find to determine what was wrong with me. I was first diagnosed with general anxiety disorder and they also thought I might be manic depressive as my adopted father has the condition. Not all the time is the condition genetic.

I know the frustration you are feeling but take it one day at a time. Deal with today and let tomorrow take care of itself. This is something I am trying to work on each day but even I find it hard sometimes.

I will say a prayer for you to help you find peace and to help the doctors give you your daignosis.
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