What was the most interesting item(s) in your newsfeeds today?


Something I wish I had respected and appreciated rather than over-used and abused back in the day. I was incredibly fortunate to never have experienced a "bad trip" with the particular substances I chose to partake in:

Ann Arbor, Michigan Decriminalizes Psychedelics | Ganjapreneur

"...Ann Arbor City Council member Anne Bannister said that the city’s police department had already considered psychedelics “a very low enforcement priority.”

The plants remain illegal under state law and police can file charges for possessing them if they are committing other crimes, the report says.

The resolution says such plants and fungi “can benefit psychological and physical wellness, support and enhance religious and spiritual practice and can reestablish humans’ inalienable and direct relationship to nature.”..."

I must admit that my use, has, mostly, been beneficial and I can attest to the truth that the resolution speaks of "can benefit" yes, I would possibly not have made it without the anti depressant and mystic and transcendent, while very "earthing", experiences, from, mostly ethnobotanical fungi, but also DMT.

I have had "bad trips" though and they led to terrible things, so, like everything, used wisely~ highly beneficial, used indiscriminately and without proper supportive environments, can be very detrimental, but, in my case, I think more effective, for myself, than legal psych pharmaceuticals.


Being an acid head was one of my chief aspirations in High school. I’m not proud of it, but that’s how it was. I grew magic mushrooms at home about 15 years ago. I’d be doing it still except my wife would make life unbearable lol, and hiding it is just way too much trouble. (I gave up a lot of things for her) I never really stopped being that. IDK if the it’s been detrimental in my life because I’m protective of it. Love actually. Better stop thinking about it LOL!

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Timing is everything. lol You really can't make this shit up - as it's so readily provided at the push of a button nowadays, in the name of science, nonetheless - lol.

My husband sent me this today. It made me cringe, made me laugh, and made me even more curious as to how my being would respond to micro-dosing at some point. Hmmmm...

I don't play among the pretentious political puppetry nor do I partake in formal religious happenings, so I wonder what my side effects would be? 🍄 🙃


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I've briefly submerged my brain into this before and was reminded of it today. It remains just as fascinating and intriguing to me as it did when I first learned of it:


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Apparently, we don't know squat...lol:

"...On the whole, squatting is seen as an undignified and uncomfortable posture—one we avoid entirely. At best, we might undertake it during Crossfit, pilates or while lifting at the gym, but only partially and often with weights (a repetitive maneuver that’s hard to imagine being useful 2.5 million years ago). This ignores the fact that deep squatting as a form of active rest is built in to both our evolutionary and developmental past: It’s not that you can’t comfortably sit in a deep squat, it’s just that you’ve forgotten how..."

“It’s considered primitive and of low social status to squat somewhere,” says Jam. “When we think of squatting we think of a peasant in India, or an African village tribesman, or an unhygienic city floor. We think we’ve evolved past that—but really we’ve devolved away from it.”


PTSD & Assylum seekers test case
Will be following this test case because it piqued my interest on a number of angles, not just because this guy has ptsd, and wearing handcuffs is a trigger for him (well, it would be).

Human rights are often a pet topic of mine, but there's also so little research or news coverage of mental health issues (and treatment) amongst the refugee community (tragically because there's no money to be made from it, which is how our world works).

I hope this particular guy gets the outcome he needs to access mental health care without being triggered every time he needs to see his pdoc. But the political ramifications of a positive outcome for him would potentially be huge.

So, a rare light shone on ptsd in the refugee community...hopefully...

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In case you've ever wondered how woodpeckers protect their brains...pretty fascinating...

"Have you ever seen a flicker or woodpecker pounding away at bark, or annoyingly on a tin roof, and wondered how in the world they can do that without bashing in their brains? After all, the force of that is measured at over 1,000x the force of gravity!"

Then I stumbled upon this article that makes me happy, especially as someone who used to suffer razor burn like a mofo and would be made to feel ugly if I didn't feel like I lived up to the expectations of others. The nose sneers, the rolled eyes, the name calling, etc.

I remember when I decided I wanted to totally stop shaving several years ago. I was fearful that my husband wouldn't approve or find me attractive anymore. But when I spoke with him about it, his response was, "I love you for who you are, not for what you do or don't shave. I don't shave my pits and legs, so why should I expect you to?" Great answer! 😁



<chuckling> I used to know several dozen women who never shaved... mostly blondes, a few brunettes, all fluffy soft... but as soon as they started having kids, and started growing black bristly beards like frat-boys? Their stance on hair removal shifted dramatically. Most of them have avowed to return to non-waxing at menopause when they start hormone therapy, but all of them wax and shave, now. Their teenage daughters don’t, though they’re much more tolerant than their moms were, at the same age, of people who choose to. The self-righteousness of my girlfriends bucking the status quo is totally lacking in their daughters. They just see bodies as individual choices, rather than right/wrong.

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Yeppers, @Friday . Every body is truly different, albeit somewhat similar in many regards. Bucking the status quo doesn't equate to self-righteous indulgence, at least not as I've personally experienced it - although I've been advised numerous times it was perceived as such. I can see how that so easily happens so often since one person's tolerance can easily be another person's torment.

All the buckin' lifestyle changes in my world have been the result of emergent necessity/harsh life lessons/for the health of it. 🙃 Side effects have included improving the overall quality of life that I'd been otherwise told wasn't attainable. Bonus! Buck that mutha buckas. 😁

Today, I was reminded of the mushroom burial suit. From someone who was kept in the dark and fed a whole lot of shit for most of her life, I figure why not? 🤔


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Imagine if/when....(my highly active what-ifness brain can't help but to imagine it, among many other things)

"Humanity’s dependence on electricity has been cast into further relief by the global COVID-19 pandemic. It is impossible to imagine modern life without it, lacking everything from lights to the internet. What would happen if that all disappeared over night? If all of our electrical grids failed essentially simultaneously? This is more than the setting of a dystopian novel: it is a real possibility."

Then I see the awe-inspiring beauty in these creations to balance out the gloom and doom:

"Each of Bullen-Ryner’s pieces comprises locally sourced and foraged materials. Nothing is glued or tethered, which means her work might only last a few minutes before parts begin to fly away with the breeze. So, why does she choose to work this way? “People often ask me why don't I make something more permanent or they say it's such a shame that it's temporary,” Buller-Ryner shares. “But for me, it is the ephemeral nature of what I do that has become like therapy for my soul. I get to put down all my anxieties, my fears, all the chaos from my brain and turn it into something beautiful to honor Mother Nature. I take some photos and then walk or cycle away, leaving it all behind and feeling calmer, more connected, and truly lighter.”"