What was the most interesting item(s) in your newsfeeds today?


Something I wish I had respected and appreciated rather than over-used and abused back in the day. I was incredibly fortunate to never have experienced a "bad trip" with the particular substances I chose to partake in:

Ann Arbor, Michigan Decriminalizes Psychedelics | Ganjapreneur

"...Ann Arbor City Council member Anne Bannister said that the city’s police department had already considered psychedelics “a very low enforcement priority.”

The plants remain illegal under state law and police can file charges for possessing them if they are committing other crimes, the report says.

The resolution says such plants and fungi “can benefit psychological and physical wellness, support and enhance religious and spiritual practice and can reestablish humans’ inalienable and direct relationship to nature.”..."

I must admit that my use, has, mostly, been beneficial and I can attest to the truth that the resolution speaks of "can benefit" yes, I would possibly not have made it without the anti depressant and mystic and transcendent, while very "earthing", experiences, from, mostly ethnobotanical fungi, but also DMT.

I have had "bad trips" though and they led to terrible things, so, like everything, used wisely~ highly beneficial, used indiscriminately and without proper supportive environments, can be very detrimental, but, in my case, I think more effective, for myself, than legal psych pharmaceuticals.


Being an acid head was one of my chief aspirations in High school. I’m not proud of it, but that’s how it was. I grew magic mushrooms at home about 15 years ago. I’d be doing it still except my wife would make life unbearable lol, and hiding it is just way too much trouble. (I gave up a lot of things for her) I never really stopped being that. IDK if the it’s been detrimental in my life because I’m protective of it. Love actually. Better stop thinking about it LOL!

Tornadic Thoughts

Timing is everything. lol You really can't make this shit up - as it's so readily provided at the push of a button nowadays, in the name of science, nonetheless - lol.

My husband sent me this today. It made me cringe, made me laugh, and made me even more curious as to how my being would respond to micro-dosing at some point. Hmmmm...

I don't play among the pretentious political puppetry nor do I partake in formal religious happenings, so I wonder what my side effects would be? 🍄 🙃