What was the most interesting item(s) in your newsfeeds today?


If we consider “new feed” to include having to look up shit your poliSci kid drops in reference.... :roflmao: ...This gem is brought to you via a moment of glory for AnarchoCapitalism (my kid has something like 40? Roughly? Political systems &/or ideologies he’s studying) Political Science was never one of my areas of study... and as such, I appear to have missed out on some brilliant shennanigans... this 30year old pieces of news is braaaand spanking new to me!

How Pepsi briefly became the 6th largest military in the world

They traded Pepsi a fleet of subs and boats for a whole lot of soda. The new agreement included 17 submarines, a cruiser, a frigate, and a destroyer.

Tornadic Thoughts

It pleases me (and also disturbs me on several levels) to see higher institutions of learning publicly embrace and share the most basic of helpful and therapeutic things (that are free and we are born already equipped with) that I feel could be very beneficial to incorporate from kindergarten on up, each year, in every classroom to help support mental health/well-being - the breath is a powerful tool that we so often take for granted - you miss enough of them, you're gone - and if you can learn to regulate it and healthily control it, it can make some amazing shift happen:

To improve students’ mental health, Yale study finds, teach them to breathe

"The research team evaluated three classroom-based wellness training programs that incorporate breathing and emotional intelligence strategies, finding that two led to improvements in aspects of well-being. The most effective program led to improvements in six areas, including depression and social connectedness."

Tornadic Thoughts

Drums and nature - two of my favorite things:

Talking to ants with Secret Drum Band’s Lisa Schonberg

"Schonberg’s songwriting process begins in the wild. She’ll find a natural space that speaks to her — often a place that has special significance due to an ecological issue or species she’s interested in — and sit there, listening."

"“Sometimes the music composition process begins right there, on-site,” she said. She takes a field recorder to capture sounds and jots down musical notation that the space brings to mind. That can mean mimicking the rhythms she’s hearing, or patterns based on what she’s seeing: the way leaves bunch together on plants, or the feeling she gets from watching the erratic motion of a group of ants. “Sometimes I end up with more words on the paper than actual notes,” Schonberg said."

“I’m doing this work as an ask to the world to have more respect for insects,” she said. “To reconsider their perspective of insects; let’s reconsider our role in the world, who’s at the center.”"

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The most interesting and infuriating...

Legionnaire's Bacteria Found in Drinking Water at Nine Reopened Schools

"Recently, nine schools in Ohio and Pennsylvania found the harmful bacteria in their water. In Fox Chapel, PA, a suburb of Pittsburgh, four out of the town's six schools tested positive for the bacteria. Because the schools were unused for so long, nearly six months, the water just sat in the pipes and did not have a chance to move. That created a condition for the bacteria to thrive, according to WPXI News in Pittsburgh...."

"Whelton told The New York Times that the bacteria would likely show up with greater prevalence if schools actually conducted tests."

""If parents haven't heard from their schools about whether or not testing is being conducted, then they should start asking questions," he said."

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Oh yes, please. More of this...

Bruce spent 50 years cataloguing 30,000 edible plants so children do not have to go hungry

"His database focuses on five primary nutrients: protein, iron, vitamins A and C and zinc.

They are often abundant in plants native to areas of the developing world where malnutrition is rife but western foods are favoured.

"It's really getting them to look and learn what their local plants are because often they are much more nutritious than introduced ones," said Deborah French, Bruce's wife and partner in the food plants project.

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It always thrills me to see science finally studying/sharing non-invasive things that have proven many times over to be incredibly helpful to me in many areas of my life.

This time, they are sharing how helpful breath work and sound-based strategies can be in the context of lung health during these times of covid:

Jim Donovan

"Lung health is on everyone’s mind these days, rightfully so..."

"...And now, Johns Hopkins—one of the most trusted medical authorities in the nation—just recommended a safe, simple, drug-free treatment approach to help COVID-19 survivors..."

Here's the link from within the article above to the exercises Johns Hopkins recommends:

Coronavirus Recovery: Breathing Exercises

"...Deep breathing exercises can also lessen feelings of anxiety and stress, which are common for someone who experienced severe symptoms or was admitted to a hospital. Sleep quality may also improve with these breathing exercises.

Anyone can benefit from deep breathing techniques, but they play an especially important role in the COVID-19 recovery process. The exercises can be started at home during self-isolation and easily incorporated into your daily routine...."

Tornadic Thoughts

Something I wish I had respected and appreciated rather than over-used and abused back in the day. I was incredibly fortunate to never have experienced a "bad trip" with the particular substances I chose to partake in:

Ann Arbor, Michigan Decriminalizes Psychedelics | Ganjapreneur

"...Ann Arbor City Council member Anne Bannister said that the city’s police department had already considered psychedelics “a very low enforcement priority.”

The plants remain illegal under state law and police can file charges for possessing them if they are committing other crimes, the report says.

The resolution says such plants and fungi “can benefit psychological and physical wellness, support and enhance religious and spiritual practice and can reestablish humans’ inalienable and direct relationship to nature.”..."