What would you choose?


TRAPEZE!!! 🌠 🌠🌠 I’m flying!!! (And my landings bounce!)

<laughing> I was literally just whistling Pinocchio “I got no strings to hold me down, to make me fret, or make me frown. I once had strings, but now you see, there are no strings on me!” <<< It’s the only downside to things you have to be tied to, to accomplish. Trapeze? No attachments! Just wheeeeeee! hurtling through the air. Mo’betta’da’kine. Lovely. Just lovely.

Luscious or Refreshing?


dolphin! They can move about much like a bird can fly,
total control with the weight of responsibility or abject apathy with the gift of ..........what was I apathetic about again?

Tornadic Thoughts

Hot chocolate, of the cacao variety, with added shroom powders, a drop of homemade mint extract, and a drop of liquid stevia, mixed with a frother and topped with vegan marshmallows. ☕

When at the grocery store parking lot, do you put the stray carts that you see back in the corral thingy, or just the one you used?