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What would you choose?

I just played that the other day......and the cake is still a lie....

Vices (Why stick with the same ones .......try something new!)

Build a snowman or have a snowball fight?

I can always invite people along later, but sending them away gets rude fast. 😉 Especially if we’re in a tub together! (I was assuming you meant in general, went ‘Wait! Did you mean…” and then realized? The answer still stands! 🤣


Fire to get warm, or swimming pool to cool off?
Cards—endless possibilities of games and I love those little faces 😂. Pool is a skill that I don’t have so I end up frustrated.

Have perfect pitch or the ability to reproduce anything you see in a lifelike drawing.
Ability to reproduce anything I see in lifelike drawing!

(I have perfect pitch, which means the fact that I can’t sing? Is excruciating. Shudder. I sound like a stepped on cat. Inventing whole new notes & keys in nails on chalkboard cacophony.). 🙀

Would you rather be Lucky or Good?