What would you choose?

Rhyme....I wrote a couple of verses of a rap song called BAD MF RAP. I was angry and wanted to use my sense of humor to diffuse my anger and so I wrote this rap ....but I can't share it cause it's vulgar and my sister wanted me to get a copyright on it before I share it publically.

Would you rather watch golf or watch cattle graze?
Rom-Com enemies.....(The horror would be boring and short with only a couple people to wander off and meet their doom....)

Would you rather follow the Whisky Trail or the Bourbon trail?
Hard choice! I had to go research that…

Both the American ones? Hands down! Bourbon Trail! There are a lot of amaaaazing distilleries on that itinerary, but a whole lotta rottgut on the whiskey side.

If it’s the Speyside Scotch Trail? That one. 🥃

A fun whiskey trail to create, though? Would be ‘Scotland go West!’ Hit the best of the Scotch regions, move to Ireland, hit up the West Indies, move onto American & Canadian, then circle the PacRim to finish in Japan.

((Then go on a hot springs tour, starting in Japan, and ending in Iceland!))

Would you rather wear a green leprechaun hat every day or fairy wings?

🍀 🦋
Stephen King.

He’s HILARIOUS. He gave the commencement address at a friends university years back, and whilst it mostly boiled down to “WTF would you ask the boogeyman to speak at a graduation I do not understand, and am now questioning the validity of this school’s reputation.” He also had some absolutely stellar advice for how life gets f*cked up for everyone, and it’s not about never having anything go wrong, but how you choose to handle it, and who you choose to associate with when it is going wrong.

So I’d love to kick it with someone with great observational skills & imagination in the dark, who’s funny as hell, to boot.

Would you rather live in a country with a low cost of living but horrible weather or live in a country with a high cost of living and amazing weather?
I moved from a city with high cost of living and considered having the best weather in the country to one with low cost of living where complaining about the weather is how people connect. Much prefer the latter! Easy small talk and can actually live life a bit.

Shave or no shave?