What would you choose?



If I HAD to choose?

Open it up!

((If it’s 125 outside, we can put ice in the brassier and pour a buck of water over. From experience. My car was overheating, so I had to have the heat on, driving through a wildfire. In the desert. f*cking Oregon. I hate that state! On the upside? I got to make a gas station attendants life more interesting, buying ice & gallons of water, and then wearing half of it ))

Would you rather add hot sauce to every meal, or cream gravy?
I've never had cream Gravy. Well except once, and at ikea the gravy they bung on the meatballs is creamy.

But the list of dishes that would suit Gravy is shorter than the list of things that eould take hot sauce, so I'd choose hot sauce.

Would you rather post selfies or do the ice challenge?
Get the groceries needed and later decide when to eat.

Bungee jump

(in China at the Balinghe Bridge, which is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the tallest bungee jump in the world standing at 377.25 meters in height equal to 1236 feet).

OR ride the world's tallest roller coaster?

(With a height of 310 feet, it was the world’s tallest and fastest full circuit giga-coaster at opening. The Millennium Force is a 6,595-foot-long machine, with 3 tall hills with respective heights of 310 feet, 169 feet, and 182 feet, a breathtaking 300 feet drop at an 80-degree angle, 3 over-banked turns, and 2 dark tunnels)?
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Ride the worlds tallest roller coaster! Ok I must have been typing the same time as you. I am taking my game and go home. House or apartment?
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