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What would you choose?

surround by other houses is the best to me by far, I need to know there are people around because I always feel like I can take care of myself

working in a office or working at home ?
office environments are not my reclusive cup of tea, but if you think of my bench and my mill and my workstation as a cubicle, we work together in a machine shop version of office space cubicle farm. I choose it over home.

learn to do your own oil changes and tire rotations and wiper blade swaps or wield the card and go get lunch while it is all done for you, do you guys have car wash coupons?
Wish I had the time and the right car to learn that stuff but being that my car is a drivable computer I need them to do it for me.

Chickens or ducks? (In whatever capacity you imagine)
Bored is intolerable.
In the words of a friend of mine, "Full stop."


Wardrobe or Kitchen?
Kitchen! More practical if I had to choose.

What would you choose...
Never have a permanent residence (move every several months) but the option to travel anywhere in the world
Have a permanent residence with everything you need and fully equipped but can never be away from home for more than 2 days at a time?