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What would you choose?

old favorites, as i get older thats more and more music so its easier to get a good spotify mix when it is pulled from like 50 years of”old favorites”

so, streaming music, a profile and a songlist on spotify or pandora or ?
or would you rather just turn it on and tune it in and turn it up no matter what it might be?
I like my own playlists on YouTube music. Change it up every month or so.

But I alsi like listening to digital versions of certain rDio shows, they play new to me music that I love. So sort of both. There is plenty if music that does nothing at all for me tho so am not all that easy to please.

Go out for dinner or go out to explore somewhere new?
Trousers (except I never heard leggings classified as trousers and this is bringing me back to the conversation we had about why all women love to wear leggings now because they actually fit unlike any trousers from the store unless they are bespoke but I certainly digress) to wear because my thighs rub. Dresses are beautiful to see worn, and I just wear those bike short type things underneath.

(Under)pants or going commando
just me? main course, food down my neck, on with life.
but out to dinner or entertaining or nothing comes after, lots of variety pleases more people and im in.

Best day ever, did the weather really matter or was it just the framework that the great day happened in?
Best day ever, did the weather really matter or was it just the framework that the great day happened in?
LMFAO… Hilariously enough?!? The weather really did matter. To be fair? It WAS a hurricane. Also in my top 5 sexcapades of all time, but -weirdly for me- that was the part that mattered least, in the day itself. There was a week’s worth of things that happened that day, and I’ve gone YEARS without that many …amazing… things all happening. One crazy 22 hours. (2 of them were actually very boring, and I was up for 72-96 in total, again? Hurricane.) DAYUM good day. Amazing day. Best. Day. Ever.

Thankyou for the rememberance.

So let’s stick to recall, for a moment.

Favourite thing to remember?
Me and ma Dad smiling at each other. It's the thing that most felt like being home that I've ever experienced on this planet. So much warmth and amusement and knowing just what we're each thinking. Made me weep remembering this. But I'm so glad I had that. What a lucky girl. ❤️

Favourite achievement?