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What would you choose?


(the blokes I date always wanna see romcoms?!? Almost no faster way to get me outta the mood, suddenly has our movie choices changing! 😅 RomComs squick me out.)

Is a sitting next to each other in the dark date …in the back of a pickup truck looking at the stars, or inside watching a film?
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RV ( with option to tow Sailboat which I own in my dreams ) 🤣 Roaaddddd trIppp here we come .

Linen or flannel ? (No fabricated answers allowed 🤣😂😂just kidding - this is me being a smart ar*se)

lots of pits stops , pick up hot pies
OMG ,I just created a tongue twister !! 🤣 😂 😂 Note too self - REST - current self diagnosis: over tired, plus over caffeinated, plus lawn mower syndrome .