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Whatcha doooooooin'?

Trying to make a decision. I was offered an amazing opportunity to learn a method of energy healing via therapeutic touch and reiki 1 and 2) next month, with unlimited access to the practitioner following the training, and a guarantee of learning reiki 3 in 6-9 months after that.

It's been something I've greatly benefited from multiple times and I'd love to learn how to provide it for myself. However, I know if I commit, I'll very likely stress think myself right out of it by then.

Requested a call to talk to the practitioner in greater detail tomorrow to help answer questions that can help to make or break the decision.
Looking up info about deeds and such. Brain scrambled by the legalese.

Doing multiple rain dances hoping to bring about steady long-lasting showers rather than brief bursts of drizzle.

Sent a message withdrawing from the offer of energy healing instruction and such.

Awaiting the time to go pick up our online grocery order.

Preparing a basket of squash, zucchini, and beets to share with a neighbor.
Just finished making another batch of sunflower seed/Brazil nut vegan parmesan, chopping little red potatoes to put in a big pot of fresh green beans for dinner, and awaiting the ground flax seed egg replacement to gel up to bake some g/f vegan chocolate chip cookies.
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