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Whatcha doooooooin'?

Thinking of how exactly to raise a shitstorm so one black kid I care for gets medical care.
If you need to bounce ideas, I'm a pro at getting what's needed with healthcare. I am white though, and that helps, but I can be the worst bitch you ever met when advocating for patients. Even illegal immigrants who need better advocates.
Yeah, that kid is a legal citizen where we at, and his mom is white, alike a citizen / born in the area, it's his GP being bit of a moron with "he's a strong boy he'll bounce" attitude & refusing to test for covid with his fever while waiting for other tests like boreliosis to come back, & refusing to refer him to specialists / higher level of care from what I gathered too.

It's so super head desky, the mother wouldn't argue with the doctor and the father is a non citizen (? Q mark here as not entirely sure on this point - been murky for years) and not even speaker of anything the doc speaks - and they don't want to involve him for culturally not tenable for their family model. :/

I volunteered for both (interpreting, getting the care, & transport help) but the mom of the kid is super mindful of dad's pride & *that* effecting the kid... it's a mess. :banghead:
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