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Whatcha doooooooin'?

I had to get up and clean, vacuum, etc. before the cable tech showed up to install our, (roomies and I), new internet service. It is faster and promises to save me close to 10 per month. Yay me. :)

As for my C-Pap sleep test, I made a score of 95 out of 100 for last night and only had 3 apneas. That means that out of every hour that I slept last night I stopped breathing for a total of 30 seconds per hour (about 10 seconds at a time). Which is actually a very good score... (5 apneas or below is considered normal). The first sleep test that I had when first diagnosed showed severe apnea scores. So I am doing much, much better. :D

Just stopped by with a brief update, back later.
Making a note of the fruit and veggies I'm delivering tomorrow, and to where, and a list of supplies I can drop off to help in the flood recovery attempts, and trying to kindly remind myself not to overdraw my energy account in the process.
I've planted two brand spanking new Cherry tree saplings. They're going to give me fruit if I'm lucky and beautiful blooms plus screen my neighbour's from my back yard.

Then I mixed up a delicious combination of cow, chicken manure & citrus food topped off with blood n bone and then I fed all of my trees and passion fruits... in preparation for Spring!! :)

Am now feeling like I broke my back all over again and cannot walk... ugh...

But also pleased I've added some new trees to my home and life.
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