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When Is Your Personal New Years?


For most of my life it’s felt like the start of a NEW year… in the first brisk days of autumn. Or blazing hot days of autumn (most of my childhood was spent in jungles & deserts, but a few places had a few more seasons!). But still? Autumn.

Because that’s when the school year started.

Roughly 25 years of my own schooling, plus 15 or so years of my kids’ schooling.

These days? No one’s in school.

So it doesn’t feel, like anything is …starting.

January 1st & Feb Somethingth? Just feel like an excuse to wear glitter, & blow shit up. Which? I’m perfectly fine with. Go team! We could make this a weekly event like they do in the tourist isles, and I’m all for it. Doesn’t mean it’s a new year, 52 times over, as we whirl around the sun.

The solstices & equinoxes? I can get behind. They make sense.
Religious holidays don’t have to make sense, they’re just fun.

But this New Years business? I want to actually FEEL the start of something new.

And I don’t, where I live, and the way my life is now.

Do you?
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I celebrate Rosh Hashanah, and don't really put much stock into the secular New Years (as I strongly associate it with Christianity, even though most people who celebrate it are secular). When I hear the shofar after Yom Kippur, when we beat our fist on our chest at Ashamnu, and Kol Nidre, that feels like the "new year" to me.
To me it doesn't feel like the new year until the first thaw. And we haven't had the first freeze yet. Oy!!

At the stroke of midnight we heard a few fireworks go off and we both kinda grumbled. Not realizing until 12:03 that they were ringing in the new year. Oopsie.

Most of the time J doesn't know what day it is let alone the year.
No but I’m happy. It’s easier. Since I have a Christian Hindu world view lol, they say the same thing. Don’t want anything, that’s the highest state. I’m getting better at it. Partly because I like you am older than those other parts of life. So I’ve been telling myself get used to it . We slowed way down about Christmas, that used to be drama like you read about. I don’t really miss it. I know I’m not going to get drunk on New Years at least. That’s a relief. Time to take down the Xmas stuff.
yes, spring is my new year start. But it doesnt have a set date other than the first day of spring and where i live it isnt yet time to put the rain gear up on march 21, hell, it might still snow yet.
First day i start to see buds on anything more than the daffodils I guess. Those yellow flowers are the appetizer course, new leaves on the birch trees? thats the new year for me.