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when you dissociate do you look any different to yourself when you look in the mirror?

I get a slight feeling of unawareness if I am real spacey that way. Like a dumbed down affect from unawareness. Couldn’t help but notice a couple neurons firing in the way of intrigue.

If it is OSDD-classifications, I don’t recall looking in a mirror in that state. That is more of a state of shock or something else to me. Like when I would go to therapy and be practically hallucinating on the wallpaper behind my therapist, or the carpet or the pillow next to her, anything with a pattern for that matter. Never looked in the mirror.

I did actually experience derealization while walking into the bathroom and the mirror was the first thing I looked at. I would say that the above experiences were amplified. I was mystified at this thing that was surely me but had certain detachment towards it. Perceptions were way off and it lasted about 20 seconds I’d say. Moments of confusion as I try to grasp my surroundings, noted. Perceptual distortion I’m not sure but not prominent.
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