Word finding difficulties

(i [use. thanks, brain. 🤪] software to help me. but sometimes it fails. because i use real words. or mix words up. or mix their place up in the sentence. instead of just misspelling something easily identifiable.
I've had fewer issues with this since I started using the Grammarly extension on my computer. Their program is better than any other autocorrect I've used when it comes to recognizing more complicated issues like this. It will even give me suggestions on how to reword a sentence so it is easier to understand. And it's free

Idk if I need to say that I also have these problems because it seems like everyone else already has confirmed that this is a common experience lol. I have a hard time finding words and talking. It gets worse depending on how stressed I am. When I'm having (about to have, just had) a flashback or my dissociation is super bad, sometimes I can't talk at all. I can think thoughts (usually), but the words get lost somewhere between my mouth and my brain. Nothing will come out, no matter how hard I'm trying to speak. My Dr does cranial nerve exams on me a few times a year and I always dread it because I mess up the simplest questions. The pressure to be right just stresses me out so much. Today, it was "What month is it?" Not August, Prynne.
This is very much how I feel. I find myself searching for a word that I can’t quite find.

My brain is sluggish and feels like it’s full of candy floss. By the time I’ve wrestled my mouth around the word I’ve forgotten it. When I am very stressed I am reduced to being unable to get any out or the most basic yes/no/don’t know.
I have recently had a lot of difficulty with word finding and it is frustrating and a little scary. Some of it might be attributable to medical cannabis but I am afraid it might be the start of Alzheimer's or dementia. Hopefully, I am just being paranoid.
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