Childhood Another "Is this normal" thread - Isolated in room


Something that's surprised me is I started working again this week. No drama, no incessant questions or someone having a go at me if I did something wrong and gave us extra work to do. Its strangely calm out in the adult world. I guess the way we treat a child day in day out is the way they expect and prepare to be treated as adults, so my mind is always prepared with excuses and keeping tabs on who's gone where and being anxious about going to work tomorrow. Then while I'm actually there is just calm small talk.

Its actually kind of nice to realize nobody gives a damn about me, I can just do what I agreed to and have a laugh. Haven't figured out relationships yet though
I'm happy for you that things are going well. 😊
I remembered recently how when I was a child, ten and younger, I was often locked in my room.

This is sort of triggering for me but i need to get it out. From August 1978 to the end of November 1978 I was isolated to a laundry room where all I had available was a laundry room sink, and medium size storage closet where my bed was, it consisted of a mattress and it was so tight a fit there was no room along the sides. In order to go to bed I had to walk onto the mattress first. I had almost no human contract there, was provided no resources such as food, I had to go out and fend for myself for food and bathroom facilities.

Before August at their second camp (1978) I was locked as punishment for mouthing off in a bathroom in the food hall for 3 days and kept awake by whatever means once could think off.

The result from this is I cannot exist in an environment with any kind of isolation. Years late a stuck elevator landed me in the ER from hysteria. And most recently I was hospitalized as I was in room quarantine until covid results came back. An uncaring staff member left me isolated there with no human contact or food for over 24 hours. It caused me to have an emotional flashback, which led to self-harm and an unsuccessful overdose attempt. I was about to be EP'ed (emergency petition for involuntary hospitalization) as a result. I chose to go to the hospital voluntarily.

Needless to say that staff member is gone now.