Can Anyone Make Sense Out Of My Therapist?

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Thanks everyone for your input. I've been thinking about the session and spoke with my husband and my best friend to see what they think too. They know me the best, so I do run things like this past them even though they don't have a degree.

I've wondered about this diagnosis since it was given to me, and I can't seem to figure out if I have it or not because of the broad spectrum of symptoms that go along with it.

Thanks again everyone. I want to add that I can't say that he is a bad person or doctor, because I didn't mention (but should have) that I see interns because it's cheaper, so I have to keep that in mind to give this situation proper perspective.

I think I picked up that you see interns in the first post. When people are still learning sometimes they get into situations they are not prepared to and then they run to pick it up. As an intern I doubt he can change your medical records without a supervisor agreeing with him.

He also might have expected that everyone that is in mental health care to have some specific characteristis that matches his pre-concepts and when he found you this came to proof that these pre-concepts are not true.

I think it would not hurt to suggest him places where he can look up for information and if definetely does not work for you after some more sections I would have a talk to his supervisor about it.

I hope this helps.
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