Covid/Lockdown accomplishments, have you used the time to your advantage?


I’m cutting my hair still and it’s such a quality of life issue improvement. I was always triggered by my own appearance especially the feeling it was out of my control like when you come home from somewhere and you thought you were cool and you have something on your face, clothes or your hair is stupid.

My hair can’t be stupid anymore because I more or less shave my head or have a very severe military style fade. I wear hats it’s winter and you lose a ton of heat when your hair is that short it’s like taking off a helmet. Plus I’ve worn a gaiter which is a face covering through which I can breath comfortably unlike a mask. That’s elastic, and covers the back of my head and over my ears. So I just realized within a day or two that I’ve been relieved of that entire anxiety about my hair. I don’t have to check it on the way out, one less thing. Also about trying to pay someone else to do it which REALLY sux. Appointments or barbershops, I hate both. I also usually was dissatisfied with the haircut I paid for.

So there is always something good in everything, even though you may have to dig for it.


I have to admit I was feeling a bit jealous of all your posts. I've worked more. Covid hasn't really given me any free time. But @Mach123 post made me realized that I have gained something. Because I also cut my hair and have become quite comfortable doing it. Mine is also almost a head shave but I like it that short.
I am cutting my own hair. I’m not sure it’s a really great idea because I’m not really sure how it looks. I think it looks good. ?

Right on! I started cutting mine slightly pre pandemic, could only find 1 out of 10 stylists that cut it right anyway. Have had at least a few very embarrassing undercut/bad fades I did before I got better cutting equipment and more experience watching videos and just figuring out WHAT I actually liked on my head. This new phase started with my pocket knife, but now I have a clipper I love...... but IT loves to break way too soon! :P Thanks for this post and reminding me I need to buy a new one today. ;)


I found out I had a more going on than just a thyroid imbalance and got to therapy. I am not working and at the moment could not manage it right now because I am still a bit of a mess and it seems my memory abandons me as soon as there is the slightest stress.
Apart from that, my Kindle is now indispensable. I have added about 80 books in the last year. Everything from fantasy/science fiction to humour to cannabis and Asterix and Obilix to a bunch of books my T recommended. I find reading helps slow down the spin cycle of thoughts and that reduces stress and anxiety.


i have transitioned to work from home and i will be honest. it has not been going well. i have too much space to myself. the separation that once created a line that prevented my family from seeing all of the darkness from within me and without, has eroded. in addition the fear of COVID-19 continues to linger and grow, ebbing and smashing into us like a tsunami. we are in line to get the vaccine. i am hopeful it will come soon.