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It is 68 degrees F here right now, but it was a beautiful sunny, 75 degree day with a cool breeze and felt more like spring than it has in a little while. I loved it.


Drove 10 hours to sort some shit... most of it during that perfect time of year in farm country, where it looks like a screensaver out... Velvety pale green hillsides meeting sky blue horizon interspersed with tumbling white clouds and golden sun.

Pieces of the drive in a post-apocalyptic nightmare as silos that rival sky scrapers rise up out of the nothing; orange light filtering though air so thick with dust that all sense of time, distance, and proportion are lost as scouring winds push cars off the road, and drag the earth itself into the sky. 2 air filters are toast, but it was never bad enough to necessitate pulling over and shoving a rag in the tail pipe and riding it out.

Pieces of the drive through storm wet mountains, black top and steel bridges vanishing into the mist and rain.

Pieces of the drive through cities whose brick and stone, steel and asphalt, rebar and concrete, street lights and neon signs, humming air conditioning and smoke curling from houses and engines... obscure the weather in exchange for a hazy light polluted artificial oasis of sameness, street after street, block after block, exit after exit.

But most of it with velvety pale green hillsides meeting sky blue horizon interspersed with tumbling white clouds and golden sun.
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Rain came last night and has hung around dripping slowly through a frigid air day. Loving it. Great going for a walk in an all weather coat and finding plants and trees dripping with water droplets ..drinking in all of that goodness. Hoping the drizzle will continue for a few more days.
It's really cold. Frigid, bone chilling, wet, icy cold. Snow well below 900 metres. We're experiencing an arctic blast! 7 C during the day and below 0 o/night. A huge front is swirling in over us tomorrow and that will mean damaging winds but happily loads of rain too. Hurray!
125 km p/h winds howling and chilling down the whole landscape around me. Snow, ice and violent storms visiting and then racing off to parts unknown. Lots of weather alerts, grazier alerts and warnings. Media standing out in it all?? Lol... why? We know what it looks like?
Woke up to trees down everywhere around and the gunning of chain-saws. Roads cut, some flooding but nothing major near me but it's a different story elsewhere I think. Electricity off in lots of places and likely to be for several days but again, fortunately not my house - not sure why but I won't question that bit of good luck. Generators are hot ticket items at the moment.

Emergency crews running around everywhere answering lots of distress calls. Black ice and snow near so good day to not drive anywhere for me.

The remnants of last nights storm still lingering with sudden gusts now and then hitting the side of my house with a thud. I heard my house creak and groan but she stayed together.

The wind was so loud last night it seemed like I was sitting under the belly of a jet engine on take off. It came up suddenly and died just as quickly. This happened all night interrupted only by the wailing of sirens in the distance and the occasional light gum tree branch hitting my roof.

My front and backyards are littered with tree branches separated from the canopy's and flung in random freestyle.

I decided it was a good day to leave the news off. I have my emergency app on so if I really need to be told something it will come through that.

And now back to a bitterly cold night. Tomorrow might be calmer - a red sunset tonight an invitation for the sun to return.