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The rarest/best of autumn days; Sunshine, blue skies, crisp breeze, fire coloured falling leaves.

<grin> Rare for this side o’the country, anyway. Like East Coast rain? We don’t see much of East Coast autumns, either!


I’m trying to think of the last time I was in a WARM windstorm, in this neck of the woods… and can’t.

Feels like the pineapple express got on the subway in the wrong direction, 6 months early, and the breaks are out; so hell bent for leather runaway train inbound!!!

Icy slashing wet windstorms knocking down trees in October. Not 20-35* degrees warmer than yesterday …or this morning, the past 2 weeks, or the next 9.5 months… Arriving with the same car skewered-by-tree velocity the cold wet & miserable dreich weather, but?

With blue skies and sunshine and the scent of warm far away places.

TIMBER! (Where are my sunglasses?) 🤪

So strange.

For this area, anyway. Totally normal for monsoon season before the rains hit. But not in this part o’ the world.

(35F to 70F // 1C to 22C)
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I'm north and east of you @Friday on the other side of the Rocky Mountains as well. It depends on which way those storms turn as to what happens. Clockwise - sucks some wonderful arctic cold down on us, counter-clockwise sucks some warm up from the south.

There is an autumn chill in the air. High today is 50 F, low 33 F which is a tickle higher than normal. Still, used the seat warmer in the car this morning on my way to see my T.


I live in the middle of an evergreen forest, Weyerhaeuser used to own all of it, so few trees are more than a hundred years old, and there’s not a lot of variation; but there are still a few swaths of deciduous, mostly following creeks and streams.

Those deciduous trees? Turn colors very very slowly, most years as winters are mild. This year? The winds blew off all the colors, including the evergreen needles that are always dropping.

The result?

The wet black streets a look like a dragons hoard, inches deep in red, bronze, gold.


Overnight ALL of the deciduous tress have caught fire with color. Whilst the evergreens are explosively green with their dead needles stripped. Backdropped by silver white sky and lake.

It’s beautiful.

If wet and squelchy out.

The science behind the explosive color change is a bit alarming/ disturbing/ gross… deciduous trees expel their sugars & other wastes & toxins via their leaves. Northeastern trees do it with ferocity… as hard winters come on fast, they want to store as long as they can, and expel as much as they can, to survive months to come. Maples and others even expel their sugars via their saps, depending on animals/insects/and cold snaps to break through and drain away their wastes in cold months. Up here, though? Where the trees are slow to change? They don’t push their wastes out with any degree of motivation, but in a kind of lackluster “eh”. Until something like the last few days happens. The windstorm the arboreal equivalence to getting notice that the Garbage trucks are going on strike… and unless they put everything out NOW they’re gonna be swimming in their own filth all winter.

Like I said. A bit disturbing. But pretty! 🍁 🍂


What's the temperature, @Friday ?

It's been rainy AND sunny the last few days. 🙄 It hits the 70's during the day and drops down to the low 50's at night.

The weekend is supposed to be sunny and in the upper 50's/(10 C) so we're going to take a drive up north a little ways tomorrow to see the leaves. Should be pretty.