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Give me beautiful beautiful DRY air, hot/cold don’t care
That's what my old neighbor said, until he went home to Australia for Christmas. 23 hours flight from Aus. where it was 38C to here where it was -38C (about 136 degrees F difference) he changed his mind, moved home less than a year later.

If you like dry cold winters here are perfect. 80% RH at -30C turns into about 3% at 21C in the house.


We have had some big thunderstorms come through the last few days and a couple of tornadoes last week. The closest one touched down 10 miles from home. It's also been a very hot summer. Lots of 90+ days. Today it was 92F then a storm blew through and now it's 74F. (6:45p.m.) We, along with 400,000 Metro Detroiters are without power. Again. (I blame my BIL because he retired from the power company last 😆)

They are calling for very high winds later this evening so my guess is we probably won't have power most of the night. Ugh. At least it cooled down to a tolerable temperature.

Oh, and all of the kids have been outside, playing. Poor babies don't have their electronics and air conditioning. J and I have been playing card games and hanging out back on the lake.
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Clear sky here too but another frost which burns off around 10 am.

Huge weather front coming in tonight though and the forecasters are warning we are heading straight back to the middle of July with snow, ice, rain and wind.


65 degrees windy from the North. Big change from last week, when it was still summer.


It’s one of those super pretty 13th Warrior meets Gorillas in the Mist, wreathing fog over black green hills, silver dawns. With a few thousand crows disappearing in and out of the fog & clouds, as the murder wings south.