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It rained for 24+ hours straight. Sun came out and it is currently 9:17 p.m. 74F/23C. 57% waxing moon. Clear beautiful skies. (Sorry for the blurry picture. It really is spectacular.)
Blue, blue icy cold sky. Breeze that's a little too strong to be pleasant. No rain today. The sun seemed hopeful for a while but clouds moved in and hid it away. 9 C max.
9 C again today and a huge weather front is beginning to blow in again. Rain hammering the windows and icy cold air creeping in through the cracks under the doors. Winter is playing catch up alright.
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So warm we had a pony heading toward heatstroke this evening. The others handled it brilliantly- while I mainly sat in a chair - it’s also so warm that my feet are so
Swollen they don’t fit in my shoes comfortably.
Still really cold, rain heading sideways towards the window glass. Snow not far away. And another severe weather front heading our way with lots of wind and thunderstorms.
All of this rain is very welcome. It's filling up the rivers, reservoirs and dry creeks. It will water the trees and bushland and help along the bushfire affected flora, it will supplement water-table levels and aqueducts and underground water reserves. We need it all. :)