Emotions Wheel


I want to thank the moderators who introduced me to the Emotions Wheel.. Since I have a hard time with feelings I use it morning and night. I then journal trying to identify, who, what, when ,where or how. It is helping me so much and keeping me from burying and turning a blind eye to what is going on inside me. We did not acknowledge or discuss feelings at home. One parent an alcoholic the other a liar and enabler. I just disregarded how I felt and buried it as I thought their truth must be right. I learned to deny everything, lie to others and myself. But I was a child and teenager. This wheel is changing my life plus the reality of where I am in walking with a limp. Thanks again🤗
I proclaimed those things utterly useless year ago, as they were always wrong, and had a therapist almost fall out of their chair laughing.

“You get that where you’re arguing with the wheel, is the most I have EVER gotten you to talk about your feelings, right?!? Much less examine them, or relate them to life. f*ck no, we’re not going to quit using it.”

Tools. So many uses. In so many ways.
I hate the wheel of doom. “I don’t know” is my favorite therapy answer for I can’t take the feelings this is churning up, Ts favorite response is do you need the emotion wheel? Laced with innocence like he doesn’t know what he’s doing, he also motions to grab it. This either forces me to tell him what my head is churning or tell him I’m not talking about it, I guess 50% of the time his tactic works and when it doesn’t he’s no worse off.

@Friday is right, me saying all the reasons I had the damn wheel is probably more feelings than my T gets in 6 months. I hadn’t thought of that…