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Have You Had To Abandon Any Nicknames Because Of Trauma?

Discussion in 'Polls' started by Jen93, Aug 31, 2012.

Have you had to abandon any nicknames since your trauma?

  1. Yes, and it was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do.

  2. Yes, but I was able to work around it by finding new nicknames after trauma.

  3. Yes, but it was just because I felt that it no longer fit who I was before.

  4. No, I still use the nickname regularly-everybody has always called me it

  5. No, my nicknames were not utilized in the time of my trauma and had no effect.

  6. No, I've never had any nicknames.

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Jester

    Jester Member

    I abandoned my given name for my nickname because of my trauma, and the only people who call me by my given name are extended relatives (who I see maybe once a decade). I also shy away from certain derivatives of my given name because they were used to taunt me, and the flashbacks are a bit much to handle when I hear those names.
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  3. Karen12

    Karen12 Well-Known Member

    Not exactly a nickname but I still hate hearing my first and middle names said together because that is what my parents called me when I was in "trouble" which meant I was going to get hit soon.
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  4. permban0078

    permban0078 Policy Enforcement Banned Premium Member

    No, not because of trauma. I changed my preferred name because I didn't like the nickname I was given as a child.
  5. flowerapple

    flowerapple Member

    I wasn't given any nicknames, but he would always call me by my last name, so I can't really escape that unless I legally change my name which is too much work. I don't like when people call me by my last name though because it makes me immediately do back to that time. Only a few times does it not affect me and that is if it is said by a female, I guess it is the sound of their voices not being deep. But if a male says it, it scares the hell out of me.
  6. Swift

    Swift Well-Known Member

    Thank you. I thought I was the only one.
  7. Sweetleaf

    Sweetleaf Well-Known Member

    I'm also swapping my birth name for a nickname.
    As soon as I'm able to afford it, I'm going to be legally changing my name in order to be harder to find.
    I don't use my birth name anymore and I want to escape everything to do with both my first and last name.
  8. Still Standing

    Still Standing Well-Known Member

    I have always been known by my nickname which is really a regular name, though a short version of my legal one. Mo mom would drum into me that I was obligated to sign by my legal name. Thus, to this day, I have a very hard time signing my nickname...everything is with my legal name. Yet, my mom did not follow her own advice. She was quite mentally ill from early on and struggled with her identity. She changed her name from Edna, to Patricia, to Patsy, to Pat, and back to Edna through the years. It was odd to have to keep adjusting to her ever changing identities. We, kids, sorta ran with the changes. We could by pass most of the awkwardness by simply calling her "mom". If we introduced her to someone, which was seldom, we used whatever her favorite name was, at that moment. Mom was married 4 times and she also would switch her last name from one husband to another and back to her second husband's last name. It was quite a juggling act.
  9. Yamamoto

    Yamamoto Let it hurt. Let it bleed. Let it heal. Let it go. Banned Premium Member Donated

    My name is Julia, but all my life I was called Julie. I never liked Julie, but my mother hated the name Julia. So, about ten years ago, I broke from my family, moved away, and got a new job. No one knew me as Julie, and I've been Julia ever since!

    Thanks for this thread. It's great!
  10. Swift

    Swift Well-Known Member

    The feeling is mutual! I thought I was the only one too!
  11. Aki

    Aki Guest

    I'm glad that I found this thread and that people feel the same way as me.
    I just can't feel connected to my given name anymore. I go by a nickname I chose, except business stuff etc. I'm asian but don't have an asian name which wouldn't bother me so much actually. But my mother often told me she didn't liked it while being abusive at home. Then the kids in school would make fun of it because it doesn't fit my appearance. The last straw was when my father appeared calling me by a totally different name that he chose for me, thinking my mother would have named me like that. I just feel that my official name is not me.
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